August 12, 2008

Carnival of Homeschooling: Homeschool Memories Edition

9/11 artwork, grassy easter crafts, distar phonics, outdoor discovery

I thought I would start you off this school year with a carnival of memories. Take you down a trip on 'homeschool memory lane'. [Just in case you don't know what a carnival of homeschooling post is, I put some links down at the bottom for you to check out. Otherwise, I'll assume you are up to speed and ready to check out all the wonderful submissions that other homeschooling bloggers have shared with us this week.] Smattered in between the linky goodness is a collage of photos from our early years in the business of raising kids and home-educating them. The memories are priceless... and I wouldn't have traded ALL my burnout, stress, or bad days for any one of these smiles in the pictures. With me expecting a new little bee in our family next March or April, I have the 'misty-water-colored-memory' mommy eyes as I look back on the milestones in my children's lives. I hope that our new little one will get to have as much fun homeschooling as big brother and sister have! If only God will provide the energy for me to keep on truckin'. I hope He'll provide all of us with the energy to have a successful 2008-9!



1) results of the first official day of homeschooling

Princess Momma: Talk About the First Day of School

2) transitioning from accidental to enthusiastic homeschooler

Homeschool Online: Accidental Homeschooler?

3) home school or high school?

Epi Kardia: The Big Decision

4) what we would have missed...if we hadn't taken time for summer

From the Field of Blue Children: Summer School

5) remembering Art Linkletter

Everyone Needs Therapy: Kids Say the Darndest Things

6) resources for montessori method learning

It's a Boy's Life: The Montessori Method

cowboy birthdays, Glenrose field trip, animals, private school sampling

7) homeschool provides the benefit of being able to change your schedule

Successful Homeschooling: Homeschool Schedules

8) even an old teacher can learn new tricks

Smart Teaching: 100 Essential Tips and Resources for Student Teachers

9) fun lesson plan with Five in a Row and The Story of Ping

Shades of Pink: The Story About Ping

10) The GIANT Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans: For Children 3 to 6 (BOOK GIVEAWAY)

Works in Progress: Book Giveaway

11) change keeps our aging brains healthy

SharpBrains: Neurogenesis and Brain Plasticity in Adult Brains

12) how to avoid one of the greatest dangers of homeschooling

Barbara Frank: When Kids are the Center of the Universe

13) ideas for homeschooling on a thin budget

Homemade Homeschoolers: Creative Homeschooling: Cost Free Alternatives

14) pros and cons of standardized testing

VARC Blog: Guest Post by Heather Johnson

lighthouses, glass blowing, reading together, medieval feasts and indians

15) everyone stops asking about socialization when you are homeschooling pirates

Learning at Home: Homeschooling Pirates

16) a craft project you can walk on

HowToMe: How To Make a Custom Area Rug From Carpet Remnants

17) gold medal word problems to excite your amateur olympians

Let's Play Math!: The Olympics: Math Puzzles and a Game

18) chores - a great way to teach real-world skills

Happy to be at Home: Chore Time Cards

19) sometimes even gifted kids look like they "aren't getting it"

Lorem Ipsum: Break the Rules. Just Do it Well.

20) remembering grace - you don't have to be perfect... just be you

Life Nurturing Education: Questioning Homeschool

21) a degree in information security?

Select Courses Blog: Get Qualified to Protect Your Nation's Secrets

22) the empowerment of knowing your rights and responsibilities

The Informed Parent: Home Education Empowerment

crafts, field trips, choir, unit studies, election party, legos

23) the importance of making memories

Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers: Memories

24) a review of the Chris Walley book, 'The Infinite Day' (BOOK GIVEAWAY)

The Daily Planet: The Infinite Day Review and Giveaway

25) should you keep homeschooling after 8th grade?

The Life Without School Blog: Should We Homeschool Highschool?

26) form follows homeschooling function - my summer project

Home Spun Juggling: How I Spent My Week...

27) a writing lesson goes awry

Day by Day Discoveries: Why They Shouldn't Do Their Work in Front of the TV

28) sum spelling programs donut work two will fur a week spiller

Frugal Homeschooling: Spelling it Right - Learn to Spell Confidently

29) the Book Arts Bash - completely shocking and encouraging (WRITING CONTEST)

Little Blue School: Book Arts Bash: An Unlikely Explosion

30) service project suggestion: do something nice for your local teachers!

Welcome to my Brain: I Heart Public School Teachers

potato volcanoes, science co-op, wildflower center, VBS, fun in the pool

31) unschooling quotes from an unlikely source

The Expanding Life: Name That Unschooler

32) playing through grade school pays off in high school and beyond

Yarns of the Heart: The Power of Play

33) lack of reading skills instruction past 3rd grade?

Ragamuffin Studies: IRD Term II Week V: Endings...

34) bringing your children back under the guidance and direction of their parents

Empowered Traditionalist: An Exit Strategy

35) please help sponsor a fellow homeschool mother for the Photoshop World Convention

My Home Sweet Home: Just Pinch Me

36) making this crazy homeschool life just a little easier

Nerd Family Things: Planner for the Centuries

37) the best news all week

Why Homeschool: Good News - Californians Can Continue to Homeschool

Arkansas field trips, snow, submarines, crystal mining, hiking

38) some great ideas in selecting books for children with sight issues

The Thinking Mother: Transition Books for Children with Eye Tracking Problems

39) reflections on learning vs. being taught

Indiana Jane's Journal: Explaining Learning

40) a review of The Old Schoolhouse planner (BOOK GIVEAWAY)

Homeschool Blog Awards: TOS Planner Review & Giveaway

41) field trips are the milk and honey of homeschooling - join us on a recent favorite!

Sprittibee: Field Trip Foto Friday: Meramec Caverns

42) ode to the makers of masterpieces of art

Holy Experience: Free Admission

43) fun learning and special times for mothers and daughters

Walking Therein: Permanent Link to Bridging the Gap: Mother ~ Daughter Time

Thanks for joining me on this trip down homeschool memory lane. Maybe next time I host the carnival I'll share our favorite moments from 2006 on! I just ran out of room and energy at 1AM - even if I only included a tiny sampling of our favorite photos from all the wonderful memories we've made.

Remember this school year as you are gearing up for academic and character-building success: God is in the details. The simple moments are sometimes the most profound in our memories. Smile and laugh with your children. Find time in your routine to really get to know them and make them feel special. That is the best thing about homeschooling if you ask me. Precious, precious time with your sweet kids!

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SuperAngel said...

AMAZING carnival, Spritti! That was just beautiful! I loved seeing all the wonderful pictures of memories with the children! they are so sweet!

Thanks so much for including my link!
I really loved this carnival!

Dawn said...

Love your layout - very clear and easy to navigate!

Only problem - you mentioned my post at Day by Day Discoveries but missed linking to it. :D

Anonymous said...

How nice! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job, as usual. Nice and simple layout. Glad you finally wrapped it and got some sleep. :-)

Denise Gaskins said...

Oh, drats! I forgot to send in my post. Have to get it on my To Do list for next week, for sure.

I love the way you organized the carnival. It has grown so huge, but you made it easy to browse all these articles. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Great job, loved seeing your old pics!

Denise Gaskins said...

Found a broken link: Nerd Family's Planner article.

Professor Michael T said...

Thank you for linking to us at Homemade Homeschoolers! You have a wonderful blog,love the pictures. I will be visiting often!

Denise Gaskins said...

Oops! Found another one. I guess it's humanly impossible to put together so much information without glitches. #27 and #28 have been "mushed together."

(At least it's nice to know that I did get my article in on time after all.)

Denise Gaskins said...

And I think the "l" got cut off the end of the VARC Blog post by Heather Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Love your collage's! I was just talking to my husband about creating "homeschool yearbooks" with pictures of our year. I'd LOVE to know how you did the collages (codes)...

Jacque Dixon said...

Sorry I didn't comment last night. All I could handle was the Tweet!

LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing Morgan and Kaden growing up! LOVE IT! They are so darn precious! Give them big Dixon hugs!

Thanks for all of your hard work and the late night!
Get some rest and eat lots of honey and protein!
Love, J
Walking Therein

Denise Gaskins said...

One more: There's a misplaced space in the "ht ml" of #7.

MiTeach said...

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I thought that the homeschool community was one segment of viewers who could benefit greatly from my service, but as someone who is not in that community, I just do not know.

I'd love your feedback. Thank you

Owlhaven said...

Thanks so much for stumbling my zucchini post!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Your kids are so adorable. :) Just too cute.

Great carnival!l

Hall Monitor said...

Check out for convincing stories about the problems with public schools.

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Thank you so much for this awesome carnival! It's my first time taking part in this one. I'll surely be back to visit. What a great group!

ChristineMM said...

Thank you for hosting the CoH. I am linking to it now.

I enjoyed your photos. What smiley children!!

Suni said...

loves it! your kids are gorgeous and your theme was awesome. i "watched" you work it out on twitter. you did a great job :D

therapydoc said...

Fabulous. I'll link back to you in the August Back Acha at the end of the month (or early September, whichever comes first).

Unknown said...

This an excellent carnival - I have really enjoyed reading a lot of the posts! Thanks for hosting it!

I will be linking back to this in my blog tomorrow.

Have a blessed day!




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