August 13, 2008

Win a Free 99$ Subscription to Scholastic StudyJams!!!

They say that kids who don’t engage their brains during the summer lose academic ground coming into the new school year. Studies show that without ongoing learning activities over the summer, students lose up to two months of math and other subject knowledge during the summer break! I am one of those that skipped the math for the past two months (oops!).

So I teamed up with Scholastic to bring you this awesome contest (so my kids could play StudyJams, too!):

How to win?
All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me when you are starting back to school and what your kids think about it! If you have already started, let us know when and how it is going!

What is the time limit?
One random winner will be chosen on Saturday, August 23rd! Entries must be received prior to midnight on the 22nd (just to be safe - so you won't miss the drawing).

So what is the prize?

1 One-year Free Subscription to Scholastic StudyJams! (normally a $99 value)

So just what is Scholastic StudyJams?

StudyJams! ( is an online learning experience for kids in grades 3-6 that explains the most challenging math and science topics through:

* Animated science and math videos that demonstrate concepts in real-world situations, using real-world language
* Step-by-step tutorials that demonstrate ways to solve equations
* Karaoke songs that make it easy to remember the differences between mean, median, and mode, or how to use the scientific method
* An age-appropriate encyclopedia lets kids research topics in real-time as they use the service
* A Jam Studio that let kids create and produce their own downloadable MP3s, providing incentives for students to keep coming back and view more instructional content to gain points


Hop over to their website to check them out. See if your kids can pass their free "Summer Challenge" test....

...and be sure to leave your comment to win the package for your kids - right here!

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Anonymous said...

I need this desperately! Does being first count for something?

I'm starting sometime by the end of the month (sorry to be vague), but some of the kids are ready NOW, which is amazing! :-)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great resource. We are starting up Sept. 2. However, two of mine just couldn't resist their new books and did the first lessons :)

Larissa said...

I just stared back this week with my 7 and 4 year old (first time for the 4 year old... ooooooh, boy!!), but our 9 year old won't start back until the first week of September (she's in summer camp, and then will be going to DC for a week).

I just had a friend tell me about StudyJams the other day, and it looks awesome!! That's very cool of you both to team up and give away a subscription!!

Anonymous said...

We're new to homeschooling...

After a difficult year at a private school, I was afraid to let summer go by without any "school" activities. (I didn't want summer to be filled with computer time and TV-- and have that attitude get carried into the homeschooling experience!) So, we've done a little bit all summer long but have really started to ramp up over the last couple of weeks.

I'm looking for some supplemental science and math activities for the year, so the StudyJams looks really interesting. I've never heard about the program before, so I'll probably check it out even if we don't win the free subscription-- but I'm keeping my fingers crossed just the same! :-)

Christina said...

We are starting back Sept 3rd after returning from our 2 1/2 week trip cross country for my sister's wedding.
My 4.5 year old is excited about joining in at the table. My 10 year old is not so thrilled but hoping that some of the changes we've made will make it better.

Anonymous said...

My daughter loved studyjams-- I really think it helped her ace her 5th grade science state test she had to take.

Would love it again for her review and also for my 8 yr old son who is starting homeschooling this year. He's excited to start. My daughter is cheerfully resigned. Our official date is Sept 1!

JuliaDV at

Anonymous said...

We started back on July 28th, and it's going GREAT!

Anonymous said...

We are starting back on Aug. 18th. I am not sure how excited the kids are, but I welcome a little more structure to our day. :)

JoAnn said...

Since we go through a virtual academy, school officially begins on August 25th but we've already started (on the 4th). The school allows us the save up any extra hours above the minimum to use as time off for illness/vacation later. With a baby on the way, we're saving up hours now to take off time when the baby comes.

The kids aren't thrilled with doing school this early, especially since the weather didn't turn reliably good until very recently, but they understand the reason. We're only working part time, taking it easy, right now. This way we still have time for fun too.

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

What a neat looking program!

We are year-round homeschoolers. We do lighten the load a bit during the Summer, though. We keep up on writing (through pen pal letters and journaling), math, reading, art and hands-on Science. When the weather cools down we will devote more time to sit-down work.

My girls are fine with our laid-back schedule and approach. :)

KarenW said...

We are starting with just a couple of subjects in September and the rest in October. They are enjoying the lazy days of summer but I think they'll be ready for school soon.

Anonymous said...

Girl, I need all the help I can get! We started school Mon. Wow it sure is different without Dad here! God is really showing me how greatful to be to him when he comes home.It was nice to say "Honey, I'm gonna stop to pick up supplies for school after I go to the library and the grocery store!" (with him watching the kids)I enjoy reading your blog each morning as part of my am. routine. So do my kids! So hey were praying!

Anonymous said...

I am like you and did nothing this summer. But we had a tough year, so we needed the break.
We plan to start up on August 25th. But only lightly. We are going to ease into our school schedule. I can't wait, they are not excited at all!!! DS is for History and Science, hates all the rest!!!
Hope to win this!! Sure could use it!!

skylark knits said...

We aim to start on September 2 and I am SO not ready yet!!! The kids aren't super excited yet as we are still in full-blow summer mode. But they'll get there. :)

Kerri said...

This sounds fun. My kids love any computer game.

We just started back this week. We are having a good time. Of course, there are those things that my kids think we do just because I'm mean, but on the whole it is going well.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun count us in!


Anonymous said...

Oh pick me! My kids would love watching all the science videos! We are set to start school back up on Sept. 3rd. My kids are not looking forward to it at all =P Oh well. C'est la vie!

Kelli said...

Wow, this would be great to win! We are starting homeschooling for the first time. Originally planned to start Sept 2, but the two younger ones are itching to start(plus getting bored since public school started and their buddies aren't coming over during the day)Oldest son does not school to ever start. Guess he is going to be disappointed come Monday when we go ahead and start early. My kids have done NOTHING school-related over the summer (kind of a de-tox time) so winning this might help cushion some of the shock of getting back into routines.

Unknown said...

I just posted a big long comment and blogger ate it! :P Hehe.

Basically, I said that we started a new program on Monday, our first time with a virtual academy. My youngest is too young for the VA academy by less than 2 weeks, so we are doing K on our own with her as she is desperate to "do school" like her sisters.

The new school program has been just what we needed after four years schooling on our own. Both I and my kids were a bit burnt out after last year. But they both tested right in where I thought they would be, which was great. And each day I have been told by them just how much they love school, how hard they are going to work, and how much fun they are having! Seriously! I am thrilled, and even though I know we will still have our moments of struggle this year, having this positive start is really great!

My girls really love working on the computer, and I was actually looking at this scholastic program yesterday as a way to supplement with my oldest!

Tonya said...

My kids started on Aug 4.This is our first full year homeschooling.We are having a ball:)

3 for school said...

We started last week---2 days a week right now for full days with Konos. Every morning, though, they are completing 100 problems (from SuperKids Math online---free) to help them pull up to speed in math.

Anonymous said...

I started school on Aug 11 so we are wrapping up our first week now. It's our first year doing Konos! YAY! The kids are loving it after last years boring, dry, state-run virtual academy that brought us all to tears. I absolutely love your blog by the way. It's fabulous in every single way!

Anonymous said...

We're starting back in two weeks after half-hearted units wedged in between summer activities. Our 4H keeps some greatprograms going over the summer so the kids have been busy, just not with "school".

Billie Jean

Fiddledeedee said...

This sounds awesome! We are on a 10 week on/2 week off schedule. Taking all of June and December off as well. So, while most kids are starting next week, we'll be well into our 7th week. Looking at a much needed break in September.

It's too hot to be outside much here in Armpit, Florida anyway during the summer. So, the kids don't feel like they are missing anything. Except maybe heat stroke. :)

nwscrapmom said...

We are starting back on Tuesday, September 2. The kids really aren't looking forward to it. My daughter (age 11) is a bit more excited than my son (age 8). I love the look of StudyJams. What an awesome thing to give away!

momma-o-minnie said...

We've started, as of the 12th... My 5th grade daughter is all over her books and excited for another homeschool year (as usual) and my 7th grade son is bored (as usual) and wants to know why we aren't normal like the rest of the world.
Apparently there is NO curriculum in the world that sparks his interest and virtually nothing that truely sparks his interests(although I'm starting to think that another 7th grade girl might would, since the girl across the street seems to spark his interest.)
On the other hand, my 5th grade daughter LOVES to learn and LOVES the computer and eats up any opportunity to enhance her learning environment...
So I'm in the ultimate catch 22 - teaching to the child who wants to learn and to the one who doesn't.

Anonymous said...

We've just started school this past Monday (8/11). Things are going pretty well so far, but we still have subjects to add in.....time will tell. Overall, I think we're all ready to get back to learning!

Thanks for the giveaway!


Sprittibee said...

:) Wow - keep up the awesome entries. I am so loving to read about your plans/school years. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just looked at this yesterday through another blog but didn't realize there was a contest. That is awesome. I have a 5 and 13 year old that are beginning Sept. 1. This will be the first time in real "homeschool" for my 5 year old who is HYPER!! Joy. I am sure it will all work out but this would be such a great added bonus!!


The Excellent Adventure is.... said...

We have gone straight through summer with school "lite mode". But we will hit the books, or for us, computers, on Sept. 2.

Anonymous said...

When are we starting back to school? I didn't know we had stopped! LOL! Seriously, though, we consider learning to be taking place all the time... whether we realize it or not. :)

Thanks for this SUPER giveaway! Our oldest is "technically" third grade age, so this would be great!


The How- To Guru said...

Hello!!! What an awesome resource. We were scheduled to start back on August 8th but we couldn't wait so we began on August 4th! It is going very well but I am working so hard with my youngest who is a delayed reader. She's technically a third grader (removed her from ps in Feburary) so she'll have her first standardized testing at the end of this year. I need all the help I can get and since the budget is very, very tight ....this resource would be a God-sent blessing!
God bless you for sharing with us
Shan Walker

Unknown said...

We started 1st grade on August 11 - one week back at school and still excited!

Carol said...

We started back today, August 18. We were really excited about it. Now it looks like we're getting a hurricane tomorrow but as long as we don't have to cower in the bathroom with a mattress on our heads, we should be able to continue with school.


Charity said...

Ugh! My long comment disappeared!

We are officially starting on Sept. 2. I think that to ease the transition from summer, we will start with one subject before then and build up to the full schedule.

But first, I need to wrap up last year still and get my paperwork and portfolios in to the state!

Betsy said...

We are starting at the beginning of Sept. and the kids are ready!

MrsMomma said...

We started school on August 11th and it's going great! We would love StudyJams.

Tammy said...

We started June 16th! So far so good!

Mama Kautz said...

we started Aug 4th....and the kids are LOVING older sibling is gone and we aren't using a virtual charter....we are FREEEEEE



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