October 15, 2008

Eat Mor Cheekun!

I'm so excited that Chick-Fil-A has agreed to sponsor us at the Homeschool Blog Awards this year. Sure, they aren't a homeschool company... but I happen to know that they hire gobs of homeschoolers and are a wonderful and wholesome Christian company that give out awesome educational toys and books in their kids' meals. In the recent past they have handed out a CD series on foreign languages, state flash cards and facts, and some very cool books.

They have graciously offered to give each of our winners a plush cow, a free kids' meal, and a GROOVY COW PEZ DISPENSER. I usually don't whine about not being able to win any prizes since my blog and the blogs of my authors at the HSBA are all disqualified; but my buddy Dianne and I agree on this one, "GIVE ME THE COW!" I'm OK just passing on all the other prizes, but pass the PEZ and nuggets... and no-body gets hurt. I luv me sum cheekun! Maybe they will send a few extras in the box so the HSBA ladies can at least have a little sugar high. It might come in handy in the wee hours as we log all those nominations on the spreadsheets and create the polls. A girl has to have her candy.

And in case you haven't realized it by now, I happen to heart bovines as well. That makes me a pretty natural native Texan, livin' in longhorn land. Cows rock.

So moooove over and check out the updated prize page at the Homeschool Post... and don't forget to nominate your favorite bloggies. Now we are just waiting on a few graphics packages, Vision Forum's prize list and photos, and the last few vendors to get us some info to paste up there for you. Hurry! Nominations end on next Friday.

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Read about my French-Fry-Stealing Episode at Chick-Fil-A (it is amazing they still let me in there)

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Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

LOL!! Thanks for including me in the cow Pez madness. I still love those sugary little rectangles even though I almost died once while eating them.

I'm glad the CFA folks haven't banned you for fry touching! :D

Anonymous said...

Ok, NOW I am impressed ;-)

Mom Guide said...

We love the folks at CFA. We used the language CD in our curriculum, just used the president cards for the election unit and best all of their "How to Draw" series got my reluctant drawer to become a prolific artist.



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