October 17, 2008

Warning: Random Post Alert

The "random" in the title of this post is quite possibly the understatement of the year. My brain has become the random playground of a toxic amount of pregnancy hormones. Makes for some interesting thought processes, but certainly does NOT help orderly blog posting or efficient homeschooling. Which is why I'm in the middle of revamping my entire organizational structure and twiddling with the idea of changing homeschooling METHODS and curriculum! *GASP*

So until I have the new plans for school laid out (hopefully after Christmas), and until I get all the hormones in check (which might be quite some time considering the due date isn't until Spring)... you might do well to take me with "a grain of salt". I might have a tendency to wax random for a while.

Another culprit to my aimless cranial dribble is Twitter. If you don't happen to be infected yet, you might not know the gritty details of the past few days of my life. I see an opportunity to fill you in. So here goes:

1. Twitter folks everywhere are thrilling in their boots that I have laid off the political tweets. OK, so I threw some out today. So sue me. We are days from the culmination of this "race". Some of it just had to be shared.

2. A few of the things on my desk: a pink balloon, a pair of ugly bloodshot eyeball glasses, and my 2007-8 lesson planner and grade book. I've been entering the grades into a spreadsheet so I can finally print report cards for the kids for 4th and 5th Grade (last year's grades). YES, I realize that in Texas, grades are not required. I'm doing it anyway. I happen to be a very late perfectionist and a very orderly procrastinator.

3. My husband is finally home from his business trip. And as a welcome home gift, I forgot to take the trash out this morning. Our garage is going to be really smelly by the middle of next week.

4. I planned to cook tacos tonight. It didn't happen. However, I had one of the best dolmas I have ever eaten - so all wasn't lost.

5. I have no idea how to use a Blackberry. I'm a Razr kind of gal. I've had the "cherry blossom" Razr for well over a year and love it still. BUT Morgan dropped it the other night... and now it turns itself off and calls people when I flip it open. My husband is considering giving me his Blackberry Pearl. If this happens, I may not be able to make calls any more to anyone outside of my favorite five. I can't even bring up the phone book on the dumb thing.

So there you have it. Twitter, politics, spreadsheets, procrastination, failed domestic opportunities, phone operating system illiteracy, and the huge task of revamping my entire last 7 years of homeschool by Christmas. Oh, and birthing a child by spring... which will happen AFTER my children turn 10 and 12. How do you fit all those things in to one post? I guess it would be a bad idea to try.

I think I'll stick to helping tally the nominations for the Homeschool Blog Awards to keep myself out of trouble over here. So if you are feeling neglected by the lack of posts... stop in and visit me on Twitter. I make much more sense in 140 character bursts.

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Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

So...how do I explain the utter randomness that is my life? I'm NOT pregnant, so that one doesn't work.

Glad Kev's home. I'm sure that will help you ever so much. :D

Lisa said...

"I happen to be a very late perfectionist and a very orderly procrastinator."

lol that was a great random post Heather!

Beck's Bounty said...

Regarding the Blackberry, my husband has tried to sway me to THAT side too. My favorite saying is "a phone is a phone, a computer is a computer, and they say that too much multi-tasking makes you dumber." HA ! Besides, I ask, how lost would I be when I cannot find my phone OR use my email OR find my documents ?!?! I am with ya !!

(owner of a pink Razor)



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