December 17, 2008

And Baby Makes Three


On the third day of Christmas, I thought I would share our #3 of the bee hive... Mr. Kaden. These photos were taken in his first Christmas season - back in 1997. He was not a year old yet and as bald as Mr. Clean. We were still trying to find a way to sleep through the night and looked a bit like deer in the headlights.

I could kick myself for all those BAD pictures back then. Digital cameras changed the world of novice photography for the better - that's for certain. So what if you have to take 200 shots to get 12 good ones. At least you can afford to do it now. The delete function is my best friend.

I just got my hair cut that short again. It was weird seeing that photo this morning. I guess all things come back in style if you give it enough time.

And before we gave up Santa, our first little kiddo got to sit on the lap of a stranger at the mall:


I'm sorry, but Santa or no Santa, those hats are CUTE! We still have the tiny one in this picture and can't wait to put the baby in it when he gets here. I guess I'll have to wait until next Christmas... and he'll be just about as big as Kaden is in these shots. What fun! I bet he'll be about that bald, too.

Funny thing... Kaden was a really bright little baby. He could do all his animal noises and about 9-10 words by 10 months. He also didn't put tiny things in his mouth by Christmas that year. He took a liking to a teeny-tiny wooden soldier ornament that was for one of those mini Christmas trees. He loved all things small. He carried his micro-soldier all around Nana's house that Christmas. He was cruising really well by the time the decorations started going up... so I guess it isn't a surprise that his first non-guided steps were to Pawpaw and Nana's Christmas Tree.

Who can resist a pretty Christmas tree?

He still loves our tree (and all things really small and cute). He draws the most tiny detailed things you've ever seen. At 11, though - going on 12, he is the one who helps put up the tree now. In fact, this year, the kids put the tree up all by themselves and I just helped with lights and ornaments.


It is amazing how time flies. What a treasure all these Christmas memories and photos are. I can't wait to see yours! Join me at the linky and start your 12 Days of Christmas photos (no rules, start and stop at any time - no pressure or stress - just enjoy blogging this holiday season)!

Don't forget to tell me a Christmas story from your past for your chance to win a Chick-Fil-A Cow, too!

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Sheila said...

I never was successful with kids & Santa. They cried, or disaster happened.

It's actually quite funny to look back at it now. I wrote about it here:

But I'm glad your trip worked out better!

Oh, and I love the hair from 1997! I think I looked like that, too.

Jacque Dixon said...

Cute photo. I didn't realize he and Eric were so close. I wish they were closer! NM. That could likely be trouble! jk
My children are usually born with hair, THEN go bald!

Anyway, your hair is not that short, how much did you cut off?

I agree about digital cameras, but it has not helped my scrapbooking at ALL. Now I have loads of photos in a computer, instead of in boxes!
[though I love the trash delete!]

((HUGS friend!))

Anonymous said...

I want to see the short hair! Show me the hair!!! You have about 15x as much hair as I will ever have, even if you cut it short. :-)

KarenW said...

Aww! How cute! We don't do santa either but I agree, the hats are cute. I posted a picture yesterday and my youngest has a santa hat.

Sprittibee said...

Sheila - I hate malls at Christmas, so it wasn't hard to give that portion of Santa up. I remember all those long lines as a kid. Maybe that's why I hate crowds so much! I also hated finding out that the Santa story wasn't real. It broke my heart. I don't like to be let down... so I guess part of the reason we gave up Santa was just practical and emotional.

Jacque - Eric and Kaden look like they could be brothers. It is so cute to see them together. I'll post a photo of me after Christmas if I can get a good one. I've really enjoyed my new length - and layers - and height. I was so impressed with the lady who did it. She was a regional manager for the salon chain I went to and she does salons all over Texas. Too bad she's not there more often. My hair grows like a weed - FAST. Especially when I'm pregnant.

Dawn - It won't look short to you. :) LOL But it feels short to me! It was, after all, down to the middle of my back - almost to my lower back. It was getting ratty. Needed to happen.

Karen - Yeah, it's too bad that the Santa hats are Santa icons because they are a way-cool fashion if you ask me. ;) Can't beat fuzzy balls and triangles of fur. I'm a fuzzy and glittery kind of gal. And I love red. It just works for me. ;)

Anonymous said...

I found out about Santa when I was 5yo. Foster kids living with us (older) broke into my parents bedroom. I was devastated.

Now it's my mission to make sure the boys are 29 before they find out :)

Sheri said...

We never tell our kids that Santa is real, we tell them he's part of the spirit of the season (The fun), as a result we've never had anyone broken hearted (yet). And I don't feel like I am teaching them anything false.

Anyway, we were never too successful with Santa either. He scares little ones! LOL I suppose if we played him up more we might be more successful, but really, not that concerened.

Okay, I am babbling.



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