December 18, 2008

Nearly 4 Years of Blogging


Technically the blogiversary isn't until June 8th, but it feels like 4 years already. There are times that blogging feels like a chore, and other times it feels like an outlet... sometimes it is fun and other times it feels more like a ball and chain. I fluctuate between the two often. My habit of writing keeps me at it. I have to write... so if it isn't in here, it would be in a prayer journal or personal journal. Probably would get me farther if it were in the prayer journal rather than in here.

The desk in the photo above is where I do most of my blogging duty.

Last week it was a disaster zone. It took me about 6 days to get it completely cleaned up... and I promised a photo of the desk when I was done. Part of that time was spent reorganizing my file drawer that you see there next to my chair. I left it open so you could admire my work.

Let's see, I need another 4 for my 'day-4 post'...

I got it:

4 more things I should be doing for the 4th Day of Christmas rather than blogging?
1. Cleaning out my kids' closets and bedrooms before our trip and hanging up the hand me downs that we got from friends.

2. Packing our suitcases for our upcoming trip to see family for Christmas week.

3. Writing in that prayer journal and praying for my day (which has started off on a very sour note).

4. Getting our formal choir concert clothes together for tonight and packing our peanut-butter-jelly dinner up for the road.

What are 4 things on your list for today?

4 things that you want for Christmas?

Share your 4 with me.

Don't forget to enter the Chick-Fil-A Cow give-away by telling me a past Christmas story, too... and join us with 12 Days of Christmas photos on your blog (sign the linky at the link). You can start any time, so don't feel like you are behind!

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Sheri said...

4 days on my list today? Not much, pretty much : Laundry, rest, rest and rest some more. It's my first day off after 5 days on. It's a bit tiring.

4 things I want: I have everything I have ever dreamed of and things I didn't dare dream of. What more could I want?

Hope you are doing well.

Tracy said...

Great job on the desk! Mine is creeping back...I have to tame it again! gggrrr!



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