December 12, 2008

A Better Kind of List... and a Blog Design

I'm a list girl. You should already know that by now if you have spent any time over here. Most of my lists are so long I can't get them accomplished. I tend to waller in defeat. So today, I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm going to talk about what I DID accomplish. A new kind of list!

Here goes this week's high points (because there have been plenty of low points and we want to focus on the POSITIVE):

1. I cleaned 1/4th of my desk off (I know some of you will get a kick out of that one).

2. I ate lettuce, tomatoes and dill from my garden (and managed to save them before the freeze).

3. I cooked dinner three times this week (for a tired pregnant mama, that's HUGE).

4. I finished the Christmas tree.

5. I bought enough meat to last us 3 months for wholesale prices (including snow crab legs which we NEVER eat because they are so expensive). Can't wait until I can eat them - not sure they are good for babies...

6. I spoke with a mortgage specialist about refinancing at a point lower interest rate - which will save me tons of money over the length of my home loan.

7. I got some medical paperwork done (which required phone calls that I had been putting off - I hate pushing buttons to talk to people).

8. I updated my Christmas rolodex and got stamps for my cards (that's my next big project).

9. I reconciled the checkbook and paid all the bills.

10. I DESIGNED MY FIRST BLOG TEMPLATE and prettied up my food blog after nearly 4 years of neglecting it. Lookie here:


And don't just stop there. There's a surprise at the bottom of it. You gotta go see it over there and leave me a comment! Shoot, if you really love me, sign up for my recipe feed. I don't promise that all of them will be healthy, but I love'em.

Not bad for a pregnant mama in December (the busiest month of the year), eh? All this in between choir concerts, parties, birthdays, and errands. So now I'll give some credit to my helpers - because a list like that could only be completed in a week with lots of support: I want to thank my buddy Deanna for her help on the template... and for the KIDS (who mopped, polished, swept, wiped counters, did dishes, helped with cooking and errands, put up with mommy's glassy-eyed stare as I tackled Blogger's new widget system, and who love me even if they have to poke me while I'm in front of the computer).

So maybe the desk didn't get complete in 2 days. I'm on a roll, baby - I'll get to it. I think the world will be set right by this weekend.

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mommy2boys said...

I understand what being pregnant during the holidays is like (been there done that!)
I aplaude you POSITIVE TO DONE list!
I think I might copy you ! I am not pregnant but I am resently moved into a new house (still not unpacked all the way and have family comming for the holidays!)

BUty all is good and good luck with the baby and the DONE list!

Anonymous said...

Great list! Sounds so positive. I think I should be making lists like that! :)

Tracy said...

Ok, so were we separated at birth? I just put up my list of accomplishments too and our list look a lot alike! THOUGH I am NOT PG and I did complete my desk work! You'll get it done! Too funny!



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