June 23, 2009

Free Wedding Photography and Happily Ever After

Cousin Kristen tied the knot this weekend. She looked like an angel. Of course, she didn't have to try hard, because she truly is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I love being invited to weddings... especially weddings of those whom I know well enough to not appear crazy for taking photos. Because I am going to take photos. Just sayin'.

Kristen never stopped smiling yesterday. I took over 400 pictures and never caught her without a glow and a shiny smile. I loved seeing her and her sweetheart - now husband - steal glances at each other. The other hundred or two hundred people might as well have not even been there. Good thing she was busy being in love - so I wouldn't look so much like a stalker as I followed her around snapping pictures.

Unfortunately her wedding photographers noticed me. I pestered them as much as I could with questions and followed them like a lost puppy. One of them was using the same camera I have, but they had a lot of fun gear to go along with it. Expensive lenses, flashes, hoods and other neat camera gadgets. They are lucky that I didn't ruin their tools with my drool.

It was fun taking pictures. Even if I wasn't the one Kristen hired to do the job. I'm going to retouch some of the pictures and print them for her as a belated wedding gift. That's what I call a steal of a deal... free wedding photography. Which of course takes all the pressure off of me and makes taking the pictures enjoyable - because I'm not responsible if they don't all come out fantastic. Which all of them didn't. Blame it on the lens.

But I got a few that I think she'll love. When she comes down off of cloud nine, that is. I'm sure none of her wedding photos will compare with the memories she's making this week. I'm soooo happy for them.

I think you'll agree that they make a happy couple. That gleam in their eyes is Jesus. What a great way to start off a life together: best friends that have a heart for the Lord.

Makes me all misty eyed. I glanced at my sweetheart as Kristen walked down the aisle, too. Can't believe that seventeen years has gone by since we met and fell in love. For us, the Jesus part came later.

Funny how love gets sweeter as you get older (if you are best friends and are trying to serve the Lord and each other). We aren't 20 any more - though that was certainly a fun time. We might have a bit more to be preoccupied with (kids tend to add a little more responsibility and take a little more time away from what you have to give each day). I can see the worn lines of shared experiences in our faces. We have made a life together. Christ has multiplied that life in our children. We have lived our 'I do's' daily now for nearly two decades. I'm thankful that I see the same depth of conviction and commitment between Kristen and her man as I have with mine. One day they will finish each others' sentences, too.

Kristen's was a fairy-tale wedding.

It was worth carrying the baby and the Canon around at the same time... so I could share in the dance and capture the feeling with my camera. I hope Kristen and Buddy share a life of joyful photographic moments together. If they ever need a free photographer for future wonderful events, I'm their gal. May they weather the storms well and live happily ever after.

P.S. Want to see her cake? Go check out my food link. I'm posting a picture of it with a short story about it on Gathering Manna.

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Very sweet pictures!

I am photographing a friend's wedding in a couple of weeks. I am a bit nervous, even though it is better than the alternative for them- which would be general family snapshots. Good but no one else is walking around with a Nikon (yet!). :)

And you're right about one thing, finishing each other sentences and just knowing what your spouse is thinking-- that is really something special, isn't it? You might get a lot of gifts from people on your wedding day, but the best gifts come with each passing year.

Tracy said...

Just what I thought, you are a Wedding Photographers worst nightmare! LOL

I always let others shoot as LONG as I get my shot first and they don't GET IN MY WAY! I have only had 2 "incidents" in all the weddings I have done.

Love the shot to you and your son!

Jeanne said...

Oh I do wish I could have had you at MY wedding!!

I would have had you as the wedding photographer though...what was she thinking of?!!

carrie said...

those are great! that's the only way I'd ever do wedding pics..when I'm not the one in charge!

Unknown said...

Great shots! :)
Hi, I found your site from the Heart of the Matter Blogroll. We are homeschoolers from the state of Georgia.


Oh, I am featuring the SpellQuizzer software giveaway on my GAhome2mom blog. Come check it out!

Dianne said...

Great pix, Heather. Looks like a wonderful day. Very sweet. :D

SchrefflerFamily said...

Interesting how the comment about the couple and the gleam in their eyes being Jesus was JUSt below a photo of your son and daughter... made the comment rather ambiguous :)

Amico Dio said...

That is soooo cute! You did a great job, girlie!

Sheri said...

Been meaning to tell you how sweet your new design is!

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE weddings! Every time I see one, I wanna get married again.

lori said...

COME on....LOOK at you! THIS new look! OH my and you had DARCY?? You lucky duck!!

The wedding pic were beautiful too! BUT I'm stuck on the new look! LOVE IT! Go away for 10 days and come back and the world is rearranged and now I feel so "frumpy!" :)

TOOOOOO cute!! The pics and the new look!!:)


Unknown said...

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