June 25, 2009

Third and Fourth Grade Learning Enrichment (& Summer Activites)

Every year, I keep a record of our homeschool journey here. Click the 'homeschool' link in my sidebar for more information if you are interested. You can use the ideas in this list for rainy days, to beat summer boredome, or to add to your school year as extra curricular activites. Or you could just do them in your free time with the kids and have fun.

Below is a list of fun ideas we used as part of our learning enrichment for Grades 3 and 4.
We did all these things while homeschooling during the 2006-7 school year. They were NOT a part of my curriculum (at least not scheduled for the units we were working on at the time)... they were just extra fun things we threw in. My school-aged kids were 7 and 8 at the time. I can't guarantee that there are not duplicates between my previous enrichment idea lists and this one since I just jot these down as we go throughout the school year. Some of them probably are duplicates. Things like 'helping in the kitchen' and 'writing poems' are things we do every year, so you'll likely find them on every enrichment list on my site (sometimes with a different 'twist' or 'angle' thrown in to make it somewhat unique). However, I wouldn't stop reading just because you might run in to a few 'tried-and-true', 'rainy-day' 'fun-items'. There may be a few on here that surprise you. Feel free to print the list off to save your eyes from too much screen-time. Just be sure to link back to me if you pass it to a friend. Of course, if you love and use my ideas, you can always leave me a tip in my tip jar. We Texans need snowcone money to beat the heat!

They look like such babies! This was our last year (of the 2) that we spent in Arkansas - away from family. It was a time that God grew our family as a unit since we had no other place to go and hardly a distraction. Life in a 2-bedroom apartment and some of the best outdoor scenery in the nation... It was a time we all look back on now and miss (even though we would have done anything at the time to return to Texas). This photo was taken at Burns Park in North Little Rock near a covered bridge in the fall as the leaves were turning. I was using a point-and-shoot digital! Too bad I didn't have my nice camera until the end of the following school year.

192 Learning Enrichment Ideas (Grades 3 & 4)

Back to School Party (water balloons, relays)
Ride a 4-wheeler
Journal your hight, weight, age, grade, goals at the beginning of school
Set goals and go over unit objectives
Do Bible memory verse system
Learn what a Venn Diagram is and use one for a report
Ride bikes
Write misspelled words every week
Pray as a family
Write penpals
Look up places on a map as you study or read about them
Do chores regularly
Draw something in a sketch book every day
Learn how to clean the bathrooms well
Practice the cursive alphabet
Talk about careers you might want when you grow up
Drill yourself on how fast you can find verses in the Bible
Go to church & Bible class weekly
Review last year's standardized tests & discuss what you missed
Help mom grade papers
Play on the playground with other kids
Play in the woods with friends
Do Mad Libs
Gather eggs from a friend's hen house
Color a coloring page
Learn how to cook eggs
Look at your favorite paintings online
Learn about history, science, creative writing online
Learn about the solar system, and holidays online
Learn about Civil War and Napoleon online
Draw a self portrait
Eat Thai food out
Discuss 9/11 (look at old drawings)
Catch bugs and identify them online, draw them
Write Thank You cards
Ride a horse
Play vocabulary games
Glue vocabulary words into our journals artistically
Learn how to play solitaire
Make an A-Z of What I'm Thankful For list
Learn how to address an envelope
Write the books of the Bible
Learn about China
Review goals and work on changing bad habits
Cuddle and take a nap with mom
Take the day off to just have fun together
Have a "Reading Only" day (snuggle)
Learn how to make lasagna
Play Bible Outburst
Take a walk
Have a family discussion
Learn some Latin
Pray for someone fervently
Go have lunch at a burger joint
Spend the night at a friend's house
Copy a favorite poem in to your journal
Learn about copyright laws and plagiarism
Build and watch a fire - learn safety with fire
Watch science videos on animals
Give away the clothes the kids outgrow
Help mom babysit a friend's kids
Make cards for a little boy in the hospital
Learn about the Lord's Supper & take communion at home
Learn about Thailand
Jump on a Trampoline
Explore in the Woods
Visit a pumpkin patch
Do a leaf rubbing craft
Watch the geese migrate
Discuss abortion, elections and politics
Look at paintings in books
Sit on the porch and sketch nature
Organize the bookshelf
Learn about Islam
Take photos at a local park
Grade each other on attitude and behavior
Sing Hymns
Swim at the gym with Daddy
Take sermon notes at church
Draw a map of Thailand and draw and color their flag
Help cook Thai food at home
Read about SE Asia in Families book
Copy work on Bible verses about character and discipline
Sketch leaves
Draw horses
Watch documentary on China
Watch documentary on Iran
Read Presidential Prayer Team website
Share the meaning of Thanksgiving with a foreign friend
Sponsor a child in India and write them
Make mud pies
Eat a pomegranate
Learn about geometry and square roots
Walk a mile on the track with Daddy
Play basketball
Study about Christmas Trees
Read current events about Indonesia
Look up photos of Thailand and Indonesia online
Make popsicle stick reindeer ornaments
Make bookmarks
Learn about North Korea
Draw North Korean flag and a map of NK
Learn some French
Learn about Van Gogh
Look at a map of Washington State
Discuss baptism
Read about Christian persecution in the Middle East through ICC
Read Atlas and Geography books about North Korea, discuss Communist Govt.
See photos online of North Korea
Read current Event online through BBC about North Korea
Make Daddy an online Birthday Photo Card
Play with Playdough
Play with Legos
Read the Christmas story in Luke
Roast pinecones in a chimnea
Make smores over a campfire
Copy work - write out a recipe
Research online about calories
Read introduction to the "Maker's Diet"
Put together Lego Mindstorm Alpha Rex
Play educational Computer Games
Email grandparents
Look up info about the Ark of the Covenant online
Help with spring cleaning
Learn how to clean out cat litter box/pet care
Make a map and flag for South Korea
Read Family atlas, world atlas about S.Korea
Build Lego "Sandcrawler" with Daddy
Build a snowman
Look up South Korea photos/foods online
Take the Texas TAKS test online
Take the online science Quizzes at BBC Schools
Write and type an essay on Eggs and how to cook them
Walk in the park
Watch an online movie about circulation and the heart
Learn about the history of Valentines Day
Send e-cards for Valentines Day
Learn about the history of Chocolate online
Read Bio of Milton Hershey online
Read poem: If I Ever Had to Raise My Child Again - Diane Loomans
Do current event on North Korea & Journal
Map of Malaysia, draw & color their flag
Create Art online with Corel Painter Essentials (GeeArt Challenge & Play)
Make honey cookies from recipe in a book
Take 3 days off for Standardized testing in AR (IOWA Skills Full Battery)
Play with baby chicks & frogs
Pet baby lamb and bunnies
Learn to scrapbook (tools)
Celebrate Passover
Make Passover crafts
Chat on Google Talk
Draw Unicorns
Do creative writing about cats
Start cooking without help (following recipes)
Unit Study on Bees in one day
Read encyclopedia bug books
Talk on the phone to friends out of state
Color post office postcards of famous American wonders & send them
Play Star Wars Monopoly
Write the author of a book you like and thank them for writing it
Discuss the goals for the day
Cook dinner for friends (host dinner)
Read and see photos online about Petra (Peter/Rock)
Use Spelling Time Online
Make and decorate prayer journals
Review Geography we have covered this year
Draw cartoons
Read about the American Revolution
Read about birds
Look up books without help at library
Read about Asian Countries in Atlast and Geography books
Learn the Language of Art (GeeArt)
Practice Latin phonics
Bake cookies for neighbors
Play board games with Daddy
Learn about the Message of Art (GeeArt)
Draw your hand
Learn mapping skills
See a lock for boats at a dam and learn how they work
Get to know your neighbors
Look up and identify birds we see
Read about birds in a National Geographic Atlas
Send out Father's Day Cards
Make a map of Vietnam
Look up animals that live in Vietnam
Study geometric shapes and do shape puzzles online
Find out you have to move in one week - frantically pack
Say goodbye to all your Arkansas friends
Move Home to Texas and stay with friends/family while house hunting
Move in to a new house and unpack

Seems like we are always moving, eh?! We moved at the beginning of our 2005-6 school year and at the end of our 2006-7 one. We were still getting settled when our 2007-8 school year started, but thankfully, we have stayed put since then! We've been at our current home since July of 2007 - nearly two full years now! Hope we get to stay a lot longer. Amazing that we were in Arkansas the same length of time that we have been here at this house.

Up next in the series will be:
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Beginning posts of 2007-8 school year (Fourth and Fifth Grades)

I'm finally getting caught up! Hurray!

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Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Brilliant! Thank you so much!

SchrefflerFamily said...

i bet enrichment ideas for this year are going to include:
having a baby
decorating a nursery
holding a shower
changing a diaper
cuddling a baby



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