June 21, 2009

Honey-Sweet Blog Template Redesign


Darcy is an animal. She goes like the energizer bunny until the project is done and has a long list of anxious clients in her queue. She really worked well with me on this template redesign... allowing my children to participate and making my blog an extension of ME. Favorite colors, whimsical graphics and personal touches... all of it screams "Sprittibee". Whatever that means, right?!

Anyway, I wanted to welcome you formally to the new Bee Hive on the net and request that you join me in telling Darcy THANK YOU and how much you love her work! Just leave a little note in the comment section here and I'm sure she'll be back over to see them some time after she catches up on her sleep! We were up until 2am a few nights last week together on GTalk!

While you are here, check out the groovy hovering animated navigation bar up top. So cute! Leave your friendly face in my Google Friend box! Snag a graphic button to put in your sidebar. She thought of everything.

When I get home from vacation, I'll finish the fine details of making the template home, but until then, I'm enjoying the fresh new look from afar.

Keep us in your prayers for our travels and join me in praising the Lord that one of my best friend's families was spared this weekend. Her husband and daughter were in a head on collision and flipped around 5 times - both are fine, but the police officer could not believe they lived through the accident. Pray for their minor injuries to heal. I hear that there are pain meds and bruised lungs involved.

While we travel, take some time and look around my new digs.

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Kela said...

If this isn't the cutest re-design, I don't know what is!! Darcy did do a wonderful job!

I'm so glad that your friends are okay. God's hand was truly and mightily on them.

Praying and knowing that your vacation will be safe, fun and everything that you want it to be.

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

Heather and Darcy,

You both did a fantastic job! Heather your new pad screams with personality. Darcy, like always it's a lovely work of art.

Congrats!! Beth

Maggie Najera said...

looks fantastic and feels sooo organized - with all the resources that you include as part of your blog, the organization makes it so easy to find helpful links! Its awesome.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Super cute, Heather! I love it!

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous, girls, gorgeous.

Have a lovely break.

Oh, yes, I became a follower - it kind of appealed to me to be number 50!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving it!!!! I want a virtual makeover! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Heather, the new design is a scream ! I love it.

BTW, thanks for the prayer request about our accident. We were blessed, and spared. Yes, there is pain, quite some, and I cannot sleep for various reasons, all tied to the wreck. Tomorrow I am going back to Temple to see the car, for I need to really see it, as a form of closure.
BTW, in the meantime we have "kidnapped" your husband, while you are gone. After work he will stop by and we have an exchange "Italian food for help" program setup. Oliver is still at his mission trip and with me being "out of commission" we can use some "strong arm" around here, and he offered, and we accepted. You married a gentlemen. He IS a great guy ! ;-)


Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

Great job, Darcy! And you, too, Heather and kiddos.

Hope the rest of your trip is safe. So glad to hear that the Lord protected your friend's husband and daughter. God is good in all things!

Still bummed we couldn't get together last weekend. Next time!

Guess what?! Looks like hubby will be able to join me at BlogHer! yay!

Kellie said...

Love the new look! Very you!

Sisterlisa said...


Melissa Stover said...

love it!

Darcy @ m3b said...

So glad your friends are safe.

I loved working with the kids' artwork. It made this project so unique and OOAK. I love that your family is represented both in the work and behind the scenes. I think that's Daddy Bee back at the hive.

You were very tolerant and I know it's not easy to have to hear me say over and over - less is more, no more links. But you were gracious. I hope the end result of the organization is well with it.

All your resources are easy to find!

We did it! And um, you survived. ;)




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