July 04, 2009

4th of July: Pink, Orange, White and Brown?

What to do on 4th of July weekend: fireworks, swimming, camping, grilling, and eating of yummy American foods.

What NOT to do on 4th of July weekend: Buy clearance rack hair color, let non-licensed crazy cousin foil you some 'highlights', go to church with pink-white-orange-&-brown hair.

Even when I really WAS a punk-rocker, I never dyed my hair. I was always too chicken. I once bought a bottle of WASH-OUT burgundy red ...only to have it stay for 3 months - while I was working at a Pizza Hut and my uniform was the same color. I was mortified. That was the END of my hair dying feats.

Until Kevin. My man can do a mean highlight kit. Twice he has done my hair - very mildly highlighting and always cautious.

But I wanted to get in on the fun yesterday while my cousin was over. My mom wanted her hair frosted, so I figured we would both do them at the same time. Guess I should have known when the dye bottle turned bright neon pink that things were off on the wrong foot. Granted, the dye was cheap and my cousin did her best with my tender-headed whining self.

I'm just glad that most of the pink washed out. Hubby and son have taken to calling me "Pinkie on the Brain". Facebook friends are sending me pictures of Cindy Lauper. My daughter now officially thinks I'm 'cool'. Things could be worse, I guess. The entire of my head could have turned out bright pink. Or all of my hair could have fallen out.

So I'm heading out tonight to go see some fireworks and hoping that even in the dark, my hair won't be brighter than what's crackin' and poppin in the night sky.

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Anonymous said...

Girl I'm tender-headed too!

But you are SOOO cool! I dye frequently but never pink or orange :)

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I actually like it! :D

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

It really is pretty cute! My sister had some hair coloring issues this weekend, too! I guess on Friday night, she ended up with YELLOW on top of her head. Like scary, old lady yellow. Yesterday she got color remover and a new kit with color and highlighting (I thought maybe going multi-tonal would hide any problems). The remover left her looking very patchy. It turned out looking quite nice and blonde - other than the big old bright splotch on the side of her face. Sigh. She's really not very happy. And she's working today. Poor thing.

BTW - she'd never colored her hair before either. Just has done highlighting in the past. The reason for the super yellow? She had used Sun-In on the roots to try and lighten them up a bit. Sun-In and color don't seem to mix so well. Lesson learned.

SchrefflerFamily said...

My husband found my 1st gray hair this weekend.
He pulled it.

Betty said...

Any weekend is a reason to switch up the dew and change your look, my hair is already gray so any color is fun for me. I love the bonding over hair dye, even if it hurts a little :( But I have found a few hair dyes that don't really burn. I even go pink all over !!



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