August 13, 2009

Eye'll Bee Right Back

I've got a nasty paper cut and my bookcase shuffle we've been doing is not yet complete. Hence, I won't be blogging a long post tonight... but I did want to share these VERY IMPORTANT and EXTRA REAL WONDERFUL links with you.

Here they are...

My entry for Thursday's Photo Challenge:

Morgan's Eye

Thursday's theme this week: Rare (unusual things, uncommon things and situations)
Someone told me this was a sectoral heterochromia. The doctor said it was a nevus (birthmark such as a mole on the iris). I just think it's wonderful.

Some things to Ponder with me:
Greek vs. Hebrew Homeschooling
Robin Sampson guest posts at the Homeschool Post and shares her Greek and Hebrew homeschool methods chart. I love her book, "Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach" and am thoroughly enjoying reading it.

I've got great expectations for my homeschool year... don't you??? That's why you'll probably enjoy reading this devotional for homeschool moms by Dianne of Bunny Trails:
Great Expectations

Oh, and I won my very FIRST apron - EVER. Check out the story and see the picture of it over at my foodie blog:
Gathering Manna
I Promise 2 Bee More Domestic
I won it at the Apronista (Domestic Chicky rawks, y'all).

OUCHIE. My finger hurts. I got a deep paper cut today while cleaning out the book cases. Man, it stinks!

Hopefully tomorrow the book cases will be done and my house won't look like a Good Will drop-off site any more.

Bee is over and out. Bzzzz.

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Anonymous said...

i love her birthmark too. she's pretty groovy. :)

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

The picture? Awesome.

A new school year? Awesome.

Aprons? Awesome.

Paper cut? Not so awesome.

Hugs, Heather!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

It is a very unique and beautiful birthmark! Love the shot, Heather.

Oh and congrats on winning the WM giftcard from Dawn-- you are on a hot streak, girl!

Rijo said...

This was really unusual, and beautiful....



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