August 15, 2009

It Was Probably Tracy

My buddy Tracy will know what I'm talking about with the title of this post. It's an inside joke. She was my homeschool swap buddy this month with the Homeschool Post. She's in the middle of a move. She took time out of her chaos to mail my swap gift early! She's a keeper!

My kids love the Homeschool Swap as much as I do. They know that mom is a pushover. I usually share my presents if there is enough to go around. This time, Morgan and Kaden both got some candy out of the deal - so THEY love Tracy, too!

Lookie what I got:

Blue beaded earrings (gorgeous)
Fancy silver and blue Air Force pen (THANK YOU to our armed forces!)
Better Homes & Gardens Magazine (always in style)
Dried blueberries (Mmmm!)
Wintergreen lifesaver mints (my son's favorite)
Bat Man PEZ (Morgan's favorite movie character of late)
Pretty sticky notes
"Friend Loves at All Times" mini plaque

She really packs her swap presents!

I'm mailing yours Monday, Tracy! Hope you love it as much as I love mine!

If you are jealous and want to hop in on the next Homeschool Mom swap at the Post, please check us out on Saturdays! The next Swap will be the second Saturday of September. We do them every other month to make sure there is ample time for moms to:

Sign up
Fill out the swap questions
Be paired with a swap sister
Get know their swap sister by reading her answers (and praying for her)
Buy and mail a gift under 15$
Open and photograph the gift you receive
Post about it on your blog
Email us the link so we can showcase it

It's really easy and super fun. Hope that you'll consider joining us next month!

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Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Fun stuff, Heather! I doubt I will ever participate in the swap again, cause I'm the worst slacker swapper EVAH!! Maybe I should get an award - NOT!! LOL!!! Glad you had a fun swap pal. :D

Tracy said...

Your welcome! It was fun thinking of things to give ya! Can't wait for mine! :)

Ali said...

This looks awesome! I'll have to check out the link.

How was the Texas Home School Convention?? I just found out this evening that my brother in law was one of the youth speakers. He said he did a lot of teaching. After hearing about the convention from my brother in law, it makes us want to go down to Texas! I would have LOVED to hear Voddie Baucham speak.


Ali Telfer
My God Given Mission Field

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

How sweet! That looks like fun! Those earrings are purty!!

The Happy Housewife said...

I need to join in. Every time I see your post I am jealous of your cool stuff! I am such a slacker with mail I am afraid it would be a big fail for me, lol!
Still debating!

Ms. Anita said...

What a great swap! I love the afghan you used for the background of your pic, too.



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