August 11, 2009

I Heart Faces: My Funny Face

After winning the super awesome lens last week and listening to my buddy Dawn harp on me because I never enter the photo challenges at I Heart Faces, I decided to enter. So here's my first entry to the I Heart Faces challenge. I hope I'm doing this right... I gather that you just have to submit your post on Monday or Tuesday and sign the linky. But I'm slow, and have no brain cells left after pregnancy, childbirth, and homeschooling. So you'll have to go easy on me.

I love this photo. I know you've seen it before... but it is one of my very favorites. It was totally not staged. She did it on her own. I just happened to be sitting there with the camera right then. My daughter is a cut-up; she has the best sense of humor. She makes me laugh all the time. Today she bought her brother a tiny tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream at Target with her own money to cheer him up.

She's a keeper.

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Hannah Braboy said...

That picture cracks me up! She sounds like such a sweetie!

How do you like your new lens? I entered that same contest!

I am pretty sure that's how it works- at least that's what I have been doing the last handful of times I have participated.



Unknown said...

Love it! This picture is so cute! By the way, congrats on the new lens!

Anonymous said...

aww i just wanna hug her... again! when are ya'll comin' for a visit???????

annies home said...

I think your daughter has a wonderful personality that is fun and would be a blast to be around

Christine said...

I'm so tickled to have found your blog :) I have so enjoyed reading your posts and your story sounds so much like my own. It's amazing the work that the Lord can do in our lives, isn't it?!? We're near Austin with two girls & are beginning our homeschooling journey this year as my eldest daughter is beginning Kindergarten. Though, in reality, we've really been homeschooling all along.

Thanks for all the great inspiration and uplifting posts! I look forward to visiting your blog again!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive! I am SO jealous of you and that new lense! I can't believe you never entered a picture before : ) You must keep doing it. It's so much fun to meet the picture takers from week to week as we go from blog to blog! I hope you love your lense! Although, how could you NOT love a new lense? : ) So excited for you!

Oh, and your daughter is so funny! : )

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Way to go Dawn!! Glad she got you to finally enter:-) This is a hilarious entry. So happy you entered!

I Heart Faces

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Way to go Dawn!! Glad she got you to finally enter:-) This is a hilarious entry. So happy you entered!

I Heart Faces

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

What a great picture!

She really is a keeper. But if you ever decide to give her away, she is always always welcome here! :)

toni said...

She cracked me up!!! Precious! :D

Meesa said...

Thank you, mommy for your sweet post about me. :) And thank you everyone for your sweet comments. I am so great-full to you all. :)



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