May 11, 2010

Drifting off to Sleep... Remembering the Bluebonnets


I was tired tonight when I finally had time to get online. I sat down tonight to post and was flipping through my photos for inspiration. I got caught in the bluebonnets (they are almost all gone now - replaced by bright, sunny yellow wildflowers along the roadsides). Needed to share a few more shots from that day with you... straight out of the camera... before moving them all to my external drive where they await eternal storage or hopefully, printing.

They weren't perfect shots, but I love them anyway.

Just like life - wonderfully imperfect.

We pass up oportunities (like my extra outing I kept promising I would make to take more photos in the bluebonnets) all the time. Every day we miss chances. I've been pondering a lot lately about missed chances - about fleeting things I need to grasp... and somehow it seems far more important than blogging.

Not that blogging isn't wonderful, but it takes time... and thought... and lately my thoughts have been on the here and now.

Most of the time I have a posting schedule with a lot of ideas for things that I want to write about. Even on nights when I don't have a set topic I have been working on, the thoughts will follow if I just let my fingers hit the keyboard running.


Tonight wasn't one of those nights. Sorry for pulling a random on you.

I sat here for a while.

I stared at the blank screen with my fingers resting on the keys.

I wandered through the bluebonnets - remembering my promise, now broken, of taking more pictures before the flowers went to seed.

I felt my eyelids droop and imagined all the things I had to do tomorrow - the things I should have been doing tonight... like paying bills (ick) or putting away laundry (double ick).

I kept reminding myself of how I needed to post something, but my mind continued to drift off to the sleeping baby upstairs...

... the smell of lavendar linen spray on the sheets...

... the promise of darkness and quiet to come...

Sleep is a sweet blessing.


Even if there are things forgotten today. Even if there are things left undone. Even if the bluebonnets are gone.

What a gift to know that there's a new day waiting tomorrow. New adventures and wildflowers to discover.

See you there.


Angela Foltz said...

I love this post, Heather. I can so relate. I have grand ideas and great intentions. Sometimes the things I give my time to are not the things that really matter to me. Why? I miss the really important things. I was recently in a Women's Bible study and one of the wise things they taught was not to prioritize your schedule but to schedule your priorities so you won't miss them. I love that. Now I just have to do it!

LizyBeth said...

Thank you for the great reminder to pay attention to the things that matter.

The bluebonnet pictures are beautiful!

SomeGirl said...

That is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! (The words and the photos!) ♥ Michelle

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I get like that too.

Love the last picture.

Gwen T said...

What gorgeous color. So important to treasure every moment isn't it??

Sprittibee said...

You guys are great. I have told you that I treasure all the comments, right? Even if I can't respond to every post...



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