May 14, 2010

The Viking is Alowing Me to Check In (and How You Can Win 100$)


Helloooooooo out there???

Popping in to say that I'm alive.

Still nursing a 10 foot Viking baby that is now running, tripping, and falling around our house... and getting in to everything he can find.

I thought I had free-time scarcity BEFORE he started walking. Sheesh!

On my blog plate: I've got a foodie post coming up today or tomorrow - be sure to click over on my food icon tomorrow to check for it. Also I have another installment of the Order of Operations (getting your ducks in a row/juggling it all) series and quite possibly another Homeschool Series post coming soon. I'm also thinking of starting a Wordpress for Extreme Dummies series (to discuss the migration of my Blogger blog over the next month or so).

We'll see how quickly the Viking-man lets me get to all this bloggy goodness. If it were up to him, I'd be on the floor handing him blocks to throw all the live-long day. Or allowing him to crawl up in to my shirt on a whim. Just call me Bessie.

He's a very busy milk-drinking boy. Did I mention that - or those?


I did manage to get a post up somewhere ELSE today. A post in which you could win 100$ for commenting on. Yes, yes, I'm serious.

If you are a mom (doesn't matter if you homeschool or not), just answer my question at BlogHer for a chance to win some CASHOLA.

$100 Question Promo Graphic
When did you wean your breastfed baby?

Here are a few details about BlogHer's "The $100 Question" in case you haven't participated before:

* It's a week-daily program (each Monday through Friday).
* A different blogger asks a question and one lucky commenter wins $100 from BlogHer.
* Comments must be made at to be eligible for the prize.
* Commenters must be registered users (all you need is an email address to register.)

Kewpie doll
My question contest will be open to comments on Friday, May 14 through Monday, May 17. Hurry over!

I can't wait to hear everyone's answers... because I'm currently in that "should I wean the baby" or "should I wait" phase. I'm torn between. The little rat has me wrapped around his Kewpie Doll finger.

He does look like the Kewpie, right?

I'm in his spell. The baby, not the doll.

Weaning is such sweet sorrow.

And so is not ever having time to blog. Not that they compare or anything.

I'm done now. Must. not. think about weaning. or I will cry.

Click away!

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Credits: photograph by Galessa (Wikipedia contributor)


Hannah Braboy said...

Well, I'm not a mama yet and haven't weaned any babies yet. I *can* tell you what my mama did, though! :) With the Boybarians (almost 3yo) (twins), she waited until the Spring that they were 2yo. Reason being that they were premies and had weaker immune systems and needed to nurse to boost that. So, she waited until there were fewer germs circulating and they were a bit older.

Heather said...

My oldest basically self weaned at around 9 1/2 months, but still nursed about once a day, broke my heart. I had wanted to nurse for a year. My youngest nursed for a year. Those are definitely special moments spent with your sweet baby:)
(over from Robyn's)

Unknown said...

Found your blog from Robyn over at Our Homeschool Home and I love your blog. Thank you for being a guest blogger over there.

Stacey said...

Hopped over from Robynn's blog to say that 'Flat Robynn' was awesome! My husband took my daughter's Flat Stanley to Rome a couple of years ago. People kept shouting, "Hey, it is Flat Stanley!"

Have a great week,

Sprittibee said...

Hannah - I would be fine breastfeeding until whenever if he was a little kinder and gentler (and didn't use his teeth so much). I also would like it much more if he would LET ME SLEEP THROUGH THE STINKIN' NIGHT.

Heather - Yeah, my first was a short 3 months. I hated it that I had to go back to work and he liked the bottle too much after we started it.

Cherees! Nice to meet you! Any friend of Robyn's is a friend of mine. ;) xo

Stacey - Yeah the flattie traveling buddies are fun. Robyn better have taken me with her!



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