July 15, 2010

Our Fiesta Texas Adventure

It has taken me a while to recover from our San Antonio Fiesta Texas weekend sponsored by Visit SanAntonio. Of course, I'm pregnant and 37... and a complete an utter wuss when it comes to HEAT (Can you believe I live in TEXAS?). I turn in to a monster when I perspire - it isn't a pretty picture. That's why I have air conditioning (and keep it on 74 through the heat of summer)... and why my idea of camping does not include the words May, June, July, August, or September. Better yet - my idea of camping is in a cabin or condo... with A/C and trips in to town for shopping and Starbucks.

But I digress...

I just want to give you a clear picture of the kind of 'trooper' I am before you think that Fiesta Texas isn't a wonderful place. I'm a summer wimp of the greatest proportions. Plus, being pregnant, I stay in a constant state of nausea lately... which makes me rather irritable. I'm thrilled that the kids enjoyed themselves despite my angry grimace in the glaring sun. In fact, I even heard dear child #2 and her friend agree that our day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas was the 'BEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES'.

So it's all worth it to drag mama out in the heat. I can smile about it now.

The girls were the real winners on the trip. They rode the Goliath at least five times and adored every vertical- horizontal- upside-down- corkscrewing moment of it. The Goliath was the sweetheart ride of the day (I won't even tell you how much time I spent sitting and waiting in front of it).

Aside from my son's friend (who did ride the Goliath once, and a few other things cheerfully), the boys were the real park losers. Why?

1. My husband's Dramamine didn't work - the first ride he got motion sickness. Why he started with a ride called Tony Hawk's Big Spin, I'll never know. However, it was the last ride for him (and we were there from noon until almost 9pm).

2. My eldest son is a chip off of his mama's block: which means he's just as cranky and miserable in the heat (and he lives in a hyperfocus ADD fog... like his mama before him). He's also a complete CHICKEN when it comes to roller coasters. He wouldn't even get on the Wiggle's Big Red Cars or the Bumper Cars. This made the day rather boring for his friend - who had to ride with the girls.

3. The baby (also a boy) was stuck in his stroller all day. Sweaty, hot, miserable, and imprisoned in a stroller while all these fun things were going on around him = not ideal for my little man who loves to walk and run. It was the only way, though... because we had to keep an eye on him and there were drinks and snacks and diapers and wipes to carry.

At least the little one is not a ride chicken. He gladly rode the Wiggle's Big Red Cars (you'll never get me to understand why pregnant women can't get on this ride - I could have walked along side the entire thing). He also rode the Ferris wheel. They said pregnant women couldn't get on that, too - but I snuck on anyway. The Ferris Wheel was my favorite part of the day.

Towards the end of the day, we all rode the train, too. Little man said "Choo Choo" every time we saw it and the whole time we were riding it. Well, besides the time he sat across from the guy with a stuffed hot-dog. Then he said, "Puppy".

I'd love to add some suggestions to Fiesta Texas for our next visit that maybe they can take to heart:

1. Add more PARK BENCHES for parents who are waiting. We sat on the ground by the bumper cars. Luckily I haven't fallen and can still get up (even if I require a little help from my tweens).

2. I think anyone who dares to brave the park (especially in the summer) with a baby under 2 years old (and a stroller full of junk needed to care for a kid under 2 years old) should AUTOMATICALLY get a Flash Pass so that the parent doesn't have to wait in line as long for her older kids to ride the coasters. Keeping a baby occupied for hours on end in the heat is not an easy task. It is much more rewarding and easy to be 'on the move' between attractions and coasters... than to sit in one place (especially if there is not a bench).

The park was really busy the day we went. I am not sure, but I think that Fiesta Texas is a bit smaller than the Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. It certainly was a clean park - just like the signs said upon entrance, and the scenery was really pretty - with limestone cliffs and nice landscaping. The park employees were wearing really bright neon yellow colored t-shirts, and there were a ton of them - everywhere - so it was really easy to find someone if you needed to ask a question or get help.

As for the eating, they had plenty of different types of food to pick from - Pappa John's Pizza, BBQ, Sandwiches, Salads, and even a Panda Express. Unfortunately, though, you can expect to pay double what you would pay in a non-amusement park Panda Express or Pappa John's. The food prices are comparable with the movie theater... and if you get thirsty, you'll be forking over $3.50 for a bottle water or $4.00 for a frozen lemonade. Make sure to plan ahead because if you plan to stay a while, you'll be needing to spend some money. We actually brought in a few of our own snacks and two small water bottles per person, but still ended up buying drinks and snacks because we were there all day.

"I said, I said, I said..." (couldn't resist)...

If you get really hot, you can stop in for a show. We went to the Rockville High show. It was cute. The air conditioned theater was a huge plus. They don't allow you to take strollers in, so Dad and baby stayed on the porch. The show in the food court was a little more 'PG13' rated because of some songs they chose. It was really loud, too - so if you have sensitive ears, sit near the far back while you eat.

We were really looking forward to the fireworks show (it has been voted the 'best in Texas' according to the back of the Six Flags Map), but the heat had fatigued all of us - even the big kids. We voted on leaving at 8:30PM and headed for the car. I had been drinking water all day and wore sunscreen, but I ended up getting a burn on my face and feeling like I was a bit dehydrated. I figured it was salt that I needed since I shared the Salt and Vinegar Pringles with the kids on the way home (I usually don't eat anything that salty). Of course, my idea of exercise is typing out a blog post... so 9 hours of walking is a bit extreme.

My children and their friends all agreed that the day had been a total blast. Even though mom and dad are old fuddy duddies, we were really happy the kids had so much fun. Hopefully there will be a next time for a Texas theme park after mama is no longer pregnant. Then daddy will be the only fuddy duddy. It was awful not being able to ride the coasters when I'm such a thrill junkie. Of course, it won't hurt next time if we go in the Spring or Fall, either (then I won't be such a grump).


Ali said...

That looks like so much fun!! We spent some time in San Antonio when we were picking up our new little boy. I loved it there! We didn't go to six flags or any places like that, but we did visit the Alamo, and see the river walk which was AWESOME! We wouldn't mind moving there one day if the Lord willed it.

Trish said...

I'm with you on the heat. I'm not a happy person when it's hot ~ especially not when it's super hot and super humid. Ugh.

Do they have those misters at this park? They were a huge help to me when we would go to amusement parks in the Carolinas ~ plus lots of trees and park benches. Some of the benches were even within the misters reach.

Maybe next time you'll be able to go when it's not so horribly hot. I find I actually like amusement parks when it's cool out ~ and I don't even ride the rides! Well, okay, maybe I'll ride some of the kiddie rides.... ;D

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

You are pregnant! Congratulations girl! I'm just now crawling under my rock of oppressive morning sickness. Sorry I didn't see the announcement sooner. :-)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Wow, I can't believe you braved the heat and crowds like that! We haven't been to Fiesta Texas yet but we love Six Flags in Arlington. And since we live in Houston, a season pass is super cheap- $45? and we can use them at ANY Six Flags across the country.

For drinks, I highly recommend getting one of those all you can drink souvenir cup thingies. We bought one and just shared it all day. It was nice to be able to dump it out whenever you want and get a fresh refill, esp if you don't have a place to set the cup before you climb on a ride.

We've found that Tuesday mornings are a super day to go. In Arlington and DC, we didn't have to wait in line for any ride. Just walk up, ride and go! Finished the whole park in a little over 2 hours. :)

paige said...

Baby is the best gift god gives to us.Congratulations.



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