July 10, 2010

Going to FIESTA!


I love a good FIESTA! Especially one in TEXAS.

One of the first vacations as a family that Kev and I ever took was to San Antonio, Texas. We loved the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens... we loved the Riverwalk... we LOVED the Mexican Markets and the FOOD! OH, my lands - the Mexican Food! We've been back quite a few times and each time we discover something new:

.the missions (the ALAMO - every good Texan must see it up close at least once)
.the Court House (I dare you to pronounce Bexar County in front of locals)
.the RiverCenter Mall
.the Hard Rock Cafe ala Riverwalk
.Mi Tierra Cafe and Mexican Bakery


There's so much to see and do (and EAT) in San Antonio. You'll never tire of visiting the 'same old places'. I've been to the Alamo and the Riverwalk so many times and they never lose their draw.

We visited San Antonio the very first month of little Viking's life. It was his FIRST vacation (due in part to a business trip that Daddy had to make and the fact that Mommy didn't want to be home alone). He rode the River Boat at one week old!


I was so excited when Visit San Antonio contacted me about their Fiesta Texas and Heart and Sol Summer 2010 Giveaway promotion. It seems strange to me that they need a PR team for such a great city, but I'm thrilled that I get to be part of their blogging crowd that spreads the 'news' about how neat a place San Antonio is.


Today all day you can find me on my tweet stream (follow me at @Sprittibee on Twitter) talking about our sponsored trip to Fiesta Texas for their 'blogger event'. Just type in #visitSA and/or #FiestaTexas in your Tweet search line on Tweetgrid.com or inside Tweetdeck and you can follow along with ALL of the bloggers at the event.

Even though this thrill junkie can't ride any of the big boy roller coasters (because of my 9 week pea in the pod), I'll be enjoying the shows and attractions ... and trying to keep the 1 year old happy. Lucky for us, we have a "Cadillac stroller" (thank you Grandma Betty!). Hey - someone has to stay with the bags and the baby (never thought it would be me).

Be sure and stop by to give some love to my sponsor. You never know - it might be that you get some of that love back! VisitSanantonio.com is offering some really SWEET prize packages for those that register with them for the...

Heart and Sol Summer 2010 Getaway Sweepstakes

You could win a summer getaway to San Antonio for your family! Winners will be notified by August 10th - that's not that far away!

Check out the groovy trips they are dishing out:

Package One:
3-Night stay at the Westin La Cantera Resort and Spa (includes 4 tickets to SeaWorld, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Enchanted Springs Ranch and Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch)

Package Two:
3-Night stay at the Marriott Riverwalk (includes 4 tickets to SeaWorld, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, IMAX Theater Rivercenter, and San Antonio Foodie Tours)

What have you got to lose?

Sprint over there and sign up. Then be sure to follow me on twitter to get the low-down on today's amusement-park thrills. Check up later on the blog for some rip-roaring reviews. I already know to expect good things since I've been to San Antonio before!

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Disclosure: Visit San Antonio is providing us with tickets and vouchers for the trip to the amusement park today in exchange for an honest review and some horn tooting about their favorite city in Texas. The opinions here in this post are expressly my own - and were not compensated for (besides the bliss I got when eating Mexican pastries and baked goods from Mi Tierra - which I purchased with my very own money). Note to VisitSanAntonio.com - next time, please include vouchers to Mi Tierras and their bakery. Thank you very much.


Dawn Camp said...

Good for you! Looks like a blast. They asked the right blogger to give them a plug. :-)

Dreama said...

Mi Tierra Cafe! We hit that place every time we're down there. YUMMY!!!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

i'm sorry, i lost my train of thought when i was reading about viking riding the boat at 1 week old. not so much him riding the boat that got me, but that YOU were up for walking and riding the boat so soon after giving birth!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

I've never been and would love to go! I love spicy food and chips and salsa. Not that that's what it's all about, but I'd probably be in heaven! :)

Hope you're having a blast


Sprittibee said...

Y'all are too sweet. ;) We had a good time, and now that my legs have stopped hurting so bad (boy I was out of shape), and I am not so worn out from walking all day in the heat, I am dreaming of doing it again - when I can ride the roller coasters... and in the cooler weather! Morgan has not stopped talking about it. She and her buddy that went with us say that it was the best day of their life.

Liese4 said...

We lived in TX all our lives before moving up here to Denver.

We went for a vacation last Aug. and spent part of the time in San Antonio going to the missions, Sea world and, of couse, the Alamo.

You have got tell people to go to Lulu's and get the 3lb cinnamon roll, we split one (family of 6) and it was so good. In my blog post from that day we went to Lulu's, then walked the Riverwalk, went to the Tower of the Americas and then my husband and I went to The Landing and met Jim Cullum in person (we listen to his show Riverwalk jazz on Mondays up here.)


San Antonion rocks!



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