October 12, 2010

Random Relevant Gratitude

Going... going... going... not quite gone yet - but close!

I've been having a hard time finding time to blog. Well, to blog at THIS blog, that is. Nominations for the Homeschool Blog Awards are beginning this Friday and it is my job as the site's owner and the scheduling manager for the authors to recruit all the prizes for the winners.

Join Me at The Homeschool Post!

I have spent more time on email since August doing that and PR/fundraising for Relevant than I have ever spent on email in my life. It has nearly fried every synapse in my already misfiring brain. When I actually DO leave for Relevant next week... er... this week, really... I might not be able to hold coherent conversation with anyone for quite some time.

Good thing that I don't have to SPEAK at Relevant. Heaven forbid!

I'm so blessed to be able to work with so many really wonderful homeschool vendors and sponsors... and am honored to be able to review cool products and represent homeschoolers and their opinions. Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder why God chose me to have these perks. I mean, are you really reading this blog? Hello out there? I'm just an average scatterbrained, eccentric, quirky homeschool mom... with issues.

Anyway, I'll enjoy the season while it lasts... because after crazy baby #4 arrives on the scene, I'm certain the three brain cells I have left are going to pack their bags and move to a less lonely and deserted place where they can actually work for a living.

Until then...

I want to thank my Relevant sponsors for making this trip possible for me
- for the miles that my family will drive together
- for the memories we will make
- for the friends I'll get to hug...
- and the amazing things I'll be able to learn.

I hope that I can bless the people who shared their money, prayers and encouragement with me in the past few months... and that I can continue to be REAL, and INTENTIONAL in everything I aspire to do - not just blogging.

Most of all, I want to thank God for the miracle of over 2,000$ to get ALL the way to Relevant. I'm only $350 short of my goal at this point and we are forging ahead, trusting that those last few dollars will appear as magically as the Chevy lease and the other funds did.

What an amazing thing that we're REALLY going to Relevant!

To Him be the Glory,

Check my little red car out!!!

How You can Help
Are you interested in helping me get to DC and Hershey? Want to 'sponsor' a cup of Starbucks or a few of the 3,400 miles on our long journey? You can click my donate button and drop some coins in the tip can...

Are you a sponsor that is looking for a blogger to partner with to get your business more press on the web? You can email me and request a sponsorship kit so I can share with you the packages I have set aside for those who wish to advertise here on my blog to promote their products and websites.

I can't wait to see the little ticker car reach it's destination ... so that we can all hop in our shiny Chevy and head out on the road!

Thank you to my Sponsors for Relevant:

BrightWormBooks ~ Usborne Books and more!

Amy Loves It!


The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Join Pix-O-Sphere Now! - Family Friendly Photo Community

Relational Living at The HomeSpun Life

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Melissa N. said...

Heather, God is good...all the time..and obviously this is no exception! I am so looking forward to meeting you at Relevant and I am blessed to be able to be a sponsor for the HS BLog Awards also! See you soon!

Sharon @ Hiking Toward Home said...

I'm glad I clicked over to your site. I read your tweet about Relevant and parking in DC and wondered if you knew where you were going! LOL! Hope to meet you there!

Gwen T said...

Oh, Heather - we read your blog because we love your advice and your humor!!! Hope your time away is wonderful, relaxing and refreshing!

Traci said...

Hey girl! Looks like the Lord is showing how faithful He is to His loved ones. I can't wait to do the happy dance with you when that last dollar is placed in the jar!
You are still in our prayers Heather, and in the palm of His hand.



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