October 14, 2010

Sweet RIDE Chevy ~ An introduction to the Relevant 2010 Road Warrior

That's NOT my driveway. I wish.

However... the vehicle there - shown in silver - REALLY DOES look that good. The one they brought me has this magnificent pearl white metallic coat ("White Diamond Tricoat"). Oh, my dear it is fabulous looking.  Looks better than the photo above when you see it in person, actually - and it makes my driveway look pretty nice (even without the picture perfect mountain range and foaming white-capped waves).

I love it that when the nice GM fleet guys DROVE ALL THE WAY FROM DALLAS to deliver my vehicle, they showed up at 9am and I was still in my sweat pants... without make-up... eating breakfast after frantically cleaning the house so they could come in and drink coffee. I mean, what else besides a cup of coffee is enough to thank someone for dropping off a fully loaded, brand new Chevy so you can drive it for two weeks FOR FREE?

Guess what? They didn't come in. They have no idea how sparkly my house was (which only lasted about 30 minutes). So much for putting the house before your own hygiene. Mental note taken! I'm sure they were wondering why the GM Texas PR lady picked a frumpy, unkempt, pregnant housewife to get a two week lease with their prize 2011 crossover. In fact, I find myself wondering that sometimes, too.

But hey - frump or no frump, we all gotta get around town, right?

Some in more style than others apparently... just look at that dash. Zing! Gorgeous. No wood-grain needed.

My #sweetRIDEChevy (twitter hashtag) for the Relevant 2011 'field trip' is the all-new 2011 Chevy Traverse LTZ. LTZ as in Loaded/Totallyawesome/Zoooom! Talk about torque! I double dog dare you to click over to the Traverse landing page and check out their 48 second tour of the vehicle. The one on the Chevy site is the best, but I couldn't figure out how to share it in here.

This YouTube from a Houston Chevy dealer is not bad, though...

I get to spend two sweet weeks with this lover-boy. I'm so glad that it is a bit smaller than my Expedition because if it were any more perfect, I'd be stuck in another car note by the end of this month.

Some of the things I adore about this vehicle just in the 24 hours we've had it (we haven't even taken the trip yet - so I'm sure you'll be hearing more as we go)...

- ONSTAR (We get to leave the TomTom behind! The less stuff for the console the better - my Expedition has a HUGE console and this vehicle's is pretty small... although the glove box is bigger for sure)

- smooth ride (I forgot how much smoother a car/crossover rides than a truck)

- safety (side, front, and head curtain air bags)

- third row seat (although with all our luggage we won't be taking advantage of more than 1/3 of it and we'll have to leave the BIG stroller at home)

- rearview camera system (very handy! mine just has the 'beep-beep-beep' rear sensors and it is finally dying after 7 years)

- power rear lift gate (*SWOON* It opens by itself and closes by itself)

- leather seats (mine has them, too - and they are a necessity with kids!)

- heated and cooled front seats (not sure what to do with myself)

- auto on/off front airbag sensor

- bluetooth for hands-free cell phone talking

- Bose audio system (oh, yeah.)

- USB ports and an actual 115 volt power outlet. Like for your laptop power cord, people. Be still my heart!

- clean and shiny + new car smell (been a long time since my vehicle smelled that good and I'm not sure it was EVER this clean)

- Possibly better gas mileage. I'll be doing a little math on the trip to see how much better it is than my vehicle.

So far the only negative I see is that it is smaller than our SUV as far as packing luggage goes. If you'll remember, I'm a bit of a pack-o-haulic. I'll be squeezing a cooler, box of food, suitcases, bags, electronics, a stroller, pillows, blankets, purses - and possibly the kitchen sink - somewhere in this vehicle in the next few days. We'll be lucky to have all our family members INSIDE the vehicle and not strapped to the roof rails.

For a family with less than 4 kids, this vehicle is a dream come true... especially if they are smart and FLY when they take long, 3550+ mile trips that require insane amounts of food and luggage. I still haven't found my clue... and I'm a tad on the crazy side... so I'm counting on Traverse to teach me to be a LIGHTER packer and a more organized 'fitter-inner'. I'm sure we'll figure out how to get all the stuff we need in there somehow. You watch!

More on the #sweetRIDEChevy to follow. Follow along!

Thank you to my trip 'sponsor'/helper/friend...

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Sam said...

I traded my Expedition for ours :) I have a new 2010, base model. It has a whole lot less than your loaner...but still Rocks!! We have an 8 passenger, and fits everyone a little better than the Expedition. The cargo is slightly better as well. The only thing we miss from the Expedition is the back window to really stack the stuff in.Ours is Cyber Gray Metallic, and can be seen over at my blog, if your nosy!


Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Chevy does a great job with a smooth ride. I know my sister's Expedition is rough. And I know you can do a great job of ninja packing, girl. :D

Sisterlisa said...

I want to test drive one now just for how you describe it..but alas, we can't buy one til Pix-O-Sphere brings in the dough, so help us out will ya? Chevy, thanks for helping the Buzzing Bee family get to Relevant. woohoo!!

Heather, I'd sure love a ride in that when I get there. :) Shotgun!

Anonymous said...

Sweet.Ride. Cooled seats? Awesome. We have heated ones in our Odyssey--I didn't know vehicles were made with cooled seats! Happy driving! ~K

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Cooled seats?! What in the world? I really really want that! But no new car until our 2003 Honda Odyssey dies. We're pushing 200,000 miles and replaces the transmission over 100,000 miles ago. I think we drive too much.



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