March 27, 2011


On the way to the doctor again

I've been up to a lot of good behind the scenes lately... getting huge projects done at home. And just so you won't forget about me, I figure I would tell you about them briefly. I know it gets lonely in here. And I know you are tired of just getting LINKS every day in your email box (if you are subscribed to this blog that way). Trust me, I feel your pain - I'd love to have loads of free time to blog. I'm lucky if I have my teeth brushed lately, much less time to play at the computer.

Big Project #1: Deleting 10 years worth of emails and bookmarks so I can wipe the computer clean and install a new operating system and software.


I've found a plethora of links, some wonderful reminders of why I homeschool, encouragment, emails from relatives that have since passed away, files I had lost, ideas for the future, fodder for my blog, long lost friends... and the list goes on. It pays to clean out your emails for more reasons than one. My inbox actually has gotten down to ZERO emails in the past week - something I had previously thought impossible. I plan to keep it that way once I get this project over with. It just takes time to delete a spidery network of Outlook subfolders - stuffed to overflowing with thousands of emails each. I know. I'm a packrat. Some things have to change in this age of "four-kids now". Watch me shake my old habits. They're on the way out!

Big Project #2: Getting the babies to sleep through the night - and sleep in the proper rooms and places we want them to sleep.


We've had our setbacks. Number Three (the 2 year old) has been pretty flexible since baby was born nearly two months ago. He has learned to sleep with other people besides mom (step 1), and in other places besides mom's bed (step 2). He's not yet doing those things consistently, but we're making progress.

The little bit is sleeping with mom and up until just recently we haven't been able to put him down for ANY reason - because he would not sleep unless in the upright position in someone's arms. Spoiled, I know. Even more than his brother before him; a feat I thought impossible. This is likely the most high maintenance nursing baby I have ever had. HOWEVER, he's been sleeping some in the past week (even though he has been sick) after we put him in the bed - if we properly psych him out with blankets and props. We put a pillow near his tummy and he thinks he's pressed up against mama. Trickery, yes - but necessary evil at this point.

I consider the small progress we have made golden - considering our three weeks of respiratory illness on top of four weeks maternity adjustment. Now we're nearing the two month mark and the real sleep training can begin soon.

Next up will be moving the crib and transitioning the infant in to it...
Removing the bottle from nap and bedtimes for the 2 year old...
Getting the entire house on a better bed time schedule...


Big Project #3: Moving to WordPress! {WOOT!!!}


Homegirl is actually moving. This site - this ancient dinosaur of a blog - is moving!

Hold on to your hats. I promise there won't be any tears. All you have to do is just make sure your browser is pointing to "" and not my old url and you'll never miss a post. Honestly, I doubt I'll delete this blog anyway... so if you accidentally forget and surf in here by mistake, that'll be ok, too. I'll link you right back out over to my WordPress site. I already moved my blog posts over... I just haven't gotten a template set up yet. Once I get my 'make-up' on over there, I'll redirect all the traffic.

I know you are excited for me. I've been whining about doing this for three or four years now, it seems.

YAY for me!

SO... if it is quiet in here, know that I'm busy as a bee tackling all three (heavy on the #1) problems so that my life can be somewhat normal again. Then... of course there's always the regular duties - managing the home, educating the children, nursing the baby, figuring out what's for dinner, and keeping the 2 year old from destroying all humanity. You know, the usual.

Watch for me on Facebook and Twitter while you await the big 'REVEAL'. Send positive thoughts my way.

I'll try to think of something fabulous to give away for those who follow me to my new digs.

Over and out.


Shannon Entin said...

Yay! Such good news! You should try Gmail instead of Outlook. Then THEY archive all your email and you get to keep your hard drive clean. And that pic of you & Baby Bee? LOVE.

Tracy said...

Good luck on ALL three. And it's about time on the #1 & #3!

True Texan said...

Had a pal whose babe was doing similar sleep stuff as your tiny bee. Come to find out he had a touch of reflux, not enough to make him pukey, just enough to make him uncomfortable when lying down. Imagine stomach acid burning the back of your throat. He wanted to be upright on someone's chest. Outgrew it by about four months. Hope your little man is clear of anything like that! Good luck on all the changes!

Elena LaVictoire said...

I second the suggestion to get G-mail instead of Outlook- I LOVE being able to save and categorize my e-mail! Really helpful.

I remember when my baby wanted to sleep with me - and now I can barely keep his 21-year-old self in the house! This too shall pass.

Not sure what the big attraction to Wordpress is? Blogger has done so many cool upgrades and it's so easy to customize your template. You can even change your URL to your own domain! But I'm a happy blogger. Good luck with all three of your projects.



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