April 02, 2011

A Clean Desk is a Sign of ...

Love the new track lights

Un-procrastination. Sometimes it takes money, sometimes it takes effort, sometimes it takes a little planning. This time it took all three. Finally my stars lined up and this project came to pass: installing the new overhead lighting in the 'office' corner of my game-room.

Now I can see!

On top of that, the computer has been wiped clean. Unfortunately, I've already gotten the 'blue screen of I-hate-Windows-forever death TWICE. I was kind of hoping the money I dropped on software would be worth it; that the problems with Vista were the only problems. That my computer would love me after Win7.

Do we really ever WIN with computers? I guess not.

I'm using the rest of my weekend to tackle my checkbook, paperwork, bills, homeschool lesson plans and record keeping, and a serious deep clean of my house. We're going to purge the kids' rooms (heaven help us). I'm pretty sure if there were a boogie man, he'd be in one of my two big-kids' closets. There's no telling what we might find.

I suppose this is nesting in reverse... AFTER the baby is here. Whatever works.

The goal is to simplify. It seems the more stuff we have, the more we have to work to keep it all put away. Funny how stuff is like that.

What's your big project this weekend?


Debbie said...

Heather, seems like it's in the air! I will be purging school curriculum and getting it ready to sell. I plan on REALLY cleaning my house today, since it's been an insane week and it seems nothing got done.

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate for today! don't forget the coffee break:)


alissa said...

I felt the same way after my last child- my third. There was so much stuff that I couldn't keep upl with it all. I must have gone overboard though, because now everytime my kids lose something they accuse me of getting rid of it! She's 11 months old now, but I am still trying to clean out.

Unknown said...

That is a lot for one weekend!

Amy said...

My husband is a Sr. IT specialist and our home computer still does the blue screen of death. We have Windows 7. Makes me wonder if it's the program? Every since we got a new computer that's all it has done. Even consulting with hardware geeks, my dh still hasn't figured it out!

Just thought you would like some computer sympathy!

David Calendar said...

Thank you for the inspiring blog! Blessings!



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