April 03, 2011

First Weekend in April: A List

Sunday together.

A List

1. Finally caught the man in a picture. That in itself is a Sunday miracle.

2. Morgan made lemon pound cake for small group - complete with her home made lemon zest glaze icing. I'm too lazy to cook, so I bought a Sam's Club rotisserie chicken and a loaf of french bread.

3. My #3 can navigate the iPhone all by his lonesome. He can even get on Netflix and pick out a Blue's Clues movie and start it. But he still calls it "Koo-Koos".

Young Padawan

4. Morgan cleaned out her closet (while I was drooling my brains out on my pillow for a Sunday afternoon nap). She's going to get free time tomorrow night on the computer because of the amazing job she did.

5. I got my vitamins from Vitacost.com in the mail. I'm putting the kids on D3 supplements. Did you know that over 80% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D? Not sure what the Gogi Berry juice is going to do, but I hear they work magic.

6. There is no way to dig out of the laundry situation. It would take a whole 'nother weekend.

7. I'm still only in chapter 6 of "One Thousand Gifts". Don't ruin it for me by telling me what's next. I'm 's a v o r i n g' it.

Blanket time

8. The three things on my weekend to-do list did not get done: paying bills, doing database work for school, finishing the TAKS test with the kids.

9. So now you know what Monday's list consists of.

10. I watched a show about the Amish this weekend and was tempted to move to PA for good. Then I remembered that Amish women can't blog or do instagram. Just kidding (mostly).

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Kathy D. said...

I'm a big fan of D3!! I started taking 3,000 IU this winter & was the only person in our family who didn't even get a cold :) My hubbie & kids had strep then the flu.....twice.

I kept telling my hubbie to start taking D but he wouldn't. He recently went to the doctor for the results of his bloodwork (he has thyroid problems) & she told him that he was deficient in D......I just smiled :)




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