August 19, 2011

Camera Phone Friday: Hodgepodge


1. Plaid toes, 2. Lookalikes, 3. Target Tots, 4. Grandma and the Viking, 5. Goodnight, TX, 6. Sleepy Chunk, 7. Tweenish, 8. Prayer changes things #incourage, 9. Let them eat squash! #incourage, 10. Red Lamps, 11. Saying goodbye to Uncle Mike today. Love you, Mike., 12. Crawling ... Away. #incourage #letthecrazybegin

A little about each of these...
1. I have a fetish with painted toe nails. My daughter gives the best pedicures. I'm overdue.
2. The lookalikes actually do not like each other very much. Funny, but my 12 year old is closer to the 2 year old... and my 14 year old is closer to the 6 month old.
3. This was the first time the Viking rode on the big boy shopping cart seat... and the second or third time the baby rode in the cart at all. I love Target... but I love my tots more.
4. My kids call their grandma Chickie. She was "too young" to be grandma. Apparently, I was born when she was negative twelve according to her calculations.
5. I love a Texas sunset.
6. There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. I'm going to miss these snuggle days when they are gone.
7. Tweens are unpredictable. Mine keeps me on my toes.
8. My "Prayer Changes Things" plaque. Not much rings more true. Outside that kitchen window is a withering lawn. I'm -praying prayer will change it back in to a green, happy place - #praying4rain.
9. First baby foods are always fun. Most of them ends up on the kitchen floor - the bib - the face - the mama...
10. There's always something interesting to photograph. Panda Express lanterns are no exception.
11. Lost a favorite uncle in July. I wanted to take a picture of how I remember him...
12. The baby is not only crawling now at 6 months, but he's sitting up alone and pulling up to standing (at his own risk). The little guy is all over the place. Our homeschooling is about to get a lot more interesting.

These pictures are from my CAMERA PHONE. "The best camera is the one you have with you." Most of them were altered with a varied group of photo apps - and Instagram (like twitter for pictures). Do you want to capture your daily life and make collages or print keepsakes of them? Share them on your blog? It's easy. Just download Instagram on your iPhone. I'm @sprittibee on both flickr and instagram... look me up!

Speaking of Instagram... you are using the #incourage hashtag on your fave pictures, right? NO? Check out why you should in my Incourage Collage post.

Have a great weekend.

1 comment:

Hodgepodgemom said...

Well, not only do I love your camera phone Friday pictures, I am also partial to the Hodgepodge title...

Just found out last week that I get to go to Apologia Live too (!)...but I will be near home in Hotlanta in March :)



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