August 20, 2011

W is for Waaaaaa!

Missing on @dazeofadventure #thsc2011 #roadtrip

W is for "Waaaaaa!" That's me and Morgan missing Jenn and Maggie after they left. We sure miss them.

W is also for waffles -- Jenn made gluten free waffles while she was here and I fed them to the baby this past week. It made me whine all over again about how much I miss her.

I have to wait until October to see her again. There are 2 very wonderful conferences we are going to -- Apologia Live in Austin, and Relevant in Harrisburg. When you stop and think about it, October is just a few weeks away...

I'm still reeling over the fact that it is nearly September. Seems like just yesterday it was February and I was miserably huge - waiting on my wiggle-worm to be fully cooked and make his appearance in the world.

We're all waiting for something... what's your passion? What are you looking forward to this school year?

More info about this alphabetical photo meme is below...

Join me at the Homeschool Post for the A B See Meme (an alphabetical photo meme) and a chance to win a prize each month (this month's prize is a personalized canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints). All you have to do to enter is upload your photos to their Flickr Group each week. You don't even technically have to be a blogger to play along... you just have to have an alphabetical themed photo and a flickr account!

Here are the links to the past few 'A B See' posts I have done here:
A is for antique.
B is for bugging big-sis.
C is for computer.
D is for digger.
E is for eat... and Elmers.
F is for fried rice.
G is for goofy girl.
H is for Heather.
I is for insect.
J is for joy.
K is for Kreative Spelling and Killer Homeschool Deals.
L is for live music.
M is for matryoshka.
N is for national cemetery.
O is for Orchids and Opryland.
P is for Pregnant.
Q is for quack.
R is for rocks.
S is for street.
T is for Train and Tunnel of Turmoil
U is for unwound.
V is for vanity.

Tip: Use the dictionary to get ideas if you are stumped on a letter. No excuses! Get to clicking!

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melyssa said...

Your blog is just adorable, thanks for some great early morning reading! When I should be organizing my upcoming homeschooling year. I blame you. Ahem.
Melyssa from



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