October 28, 2011

What I Wore to Relevant 11

I did it. I packed the suitcases for Relevant and we left Austin early Wednesday for Pennsylvania. Sweet Morgan hadn't ever flown, so the trip was exciting for her until we got to the hotel (where the babysitting of her tiny 8 month old brother commenced). She and my friend Jennifer's daughter, Maggie are GREAT babysitters and "will work for chocolate".

Until I have time to share with you a little of the amazing things we're learning and doing here at the conference, I thought I would share the rapture photos of all my flat outfits before I shoved them in the suitcase. Just in case you wondered what a person might wear to a blog conference. Because I know it was keeping you up at night.

Outfit with red scarf #relevant11 #incourage

Look closely there- those are blue jeans. And a sweatshirt. And a tank top. Pretty snazzy, right? Yeah, it's come as you are at Relevant. I love that everyone is just who they are and that everyone has so many things in common: namely, a love for Jesus and blogging.
That little patterned bag is my business card ditty bag that my aunt created for me with her mad sewing skills. The scarf was a fun addition since it got colder today. We had to do a Target run tonight for a few essentials and it was downright cold outside. Jennifer and I - gulf coast girls - nearly froze to death before we got back to the hotel and the baby didn't have his socks on (don't tell my mother).
More Relevant Threads #relevant11 #incourage

As you will note, there's a skirt in this picture. I had high hopes for wearing pretty shoes, but two days of walking is making me re-think the clog and heeled boot theory I started with. Tomorrow, I'm going to scrap the fuzzy clogs and wear my black 'Wookie' boots again... with that striped grey sweater up there.

The 'Wookie' boots are flat on the bottom and ever so comfy. I might even wear them for the rest of the conference. If you can keep a secret, I got them at Payless a couple of years ago. AND, most of my jeans came from Good Will. I was thrilled that I could get in to the size 10's again after working on this diet and trying to avoid sugar more. Yay for having a stack of "new" jeans to pick from!

Remember to check out my give away for Dayspring and (In)Courage before October 31st... and stop by my @sprittibee tweet stream or follow the #Relevant11 hashtag on twitter to find out more about the conference and what I'm up to.

Tomorrow I'll be having breakfast and coffee with Sally Clarkson and attending the Homeschool Meet and Greet. There are so many homeschooling mama bloggers here! Our keynote tonight was Tsh of Simple Mom who has a great multi-fasceted site about everything from organizing, to homeschooling - simply, of course.

Kelly, being as thin as paper, still took the service elevator, just in case. #relevant11 #incourage #relevator11

A little side note? We have all had quite an eventful weekend with the elevators at our hotel. Jamerrill and 8 other women were stuck on the elevator for over an hour yesterday. I brought along flat Kelly to the conference and took her photo in the service elevator tonight. I'm avoiding the guest elevators at all costs after Jenn and I got in one today and the door hessitated to open (and when it did, we had to step UP to get out). Stop over at Jam's site to hear more about #Relevator11 (the new twitter hash tag for Relevant 11's elevator mishaps).

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Gidget said...

So glad to hear you're having a good time - elevator mishaps not withstanding. :) And, what stories to tell and bind you together - after all, the trying things tend to form the strongest bonds lol

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Nice post! Can’t wait for the next one. Keep stuff like this coming.

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