November 03, 2011

A Bit of Conference Talk and Dayspring Winner

So I went to that conference again, you know ... the Relevant one. And I saw all these great people - my peeps - again. It's hard to get back in to the REALITY of here and today when you have so much information to process... so many wonderful people that your heart misses. So many photos to edit and emails to check...
Remember the (In)Courage give away I did before I left? Well I have a winner. Number 27! #WOOT

Julie Ann of Whimsical Words won the DaySpring loot! Wish I could give away a Relevant 12 conference ticket to go with it... but no cigar.

I can't wait to tell you all about our little adventure (the baby, the big girl, and the crazy blogging mama) in Hershey and Harrisburg. But first... there are orthodontist visits, homeschool assignments, piles of mail and laundry, chicken to fry, and many thoughts to sort out. Until then, you can take a look at the few photos I actually snapped in my flickr set for Relevant11. This year I was carrying the baby around with me at the conference for more than half of the time I was there (last year his brother was already weaned and stayed at my friend Beth's during the day). It made for a very BUSY time, but I still enjoyed seeing all my blogging friends.

Now for the bumpy re-entry in to "life"... and putting some of the wisdom I took home from Relevant in to practice.

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