December 15, 2011

Expensive Surprises

Please wait while Asus installs a few hundred more $ of credit card debt. #unDaveRamsey

:::Please wait while ASUS installs another couple hundred dollars of credit card debt on your account:::

Bahumbug.  What a week for your laptop to die. Well, at least there were sales on the computers this time of year.

Let this serve as a notice to you:: BACK UP YOUR DATA. RIGHT NOW.

I now have a much lighter, much smaller laptop, courtesy of my Best Buy Credit Card. Don't ask my why they wanted to know my father-in-law's ex-wife's age (as if people really know these obscure relatives on a regular basis?) to activate my dormant account again. And I have a little silver external hard drive with my old, hateful Toshiba laptop hard-drive in it.

The old data box says that 1/4 of the memory on it is used... but there are NO FILES. :::whaaa??::: Come on. Really?

Is there a PC doctor out there who can help me figure this out?

I was right in the middle of emailing the vendors and winners of the Homeschool Blog Awards about the prize drawing I had completed. There were spreadsheets and email templates and documents involved. All of which took lots of time to create. I've also got PICTURES and many other important things on that hard drive.

And the transmission is going out on my truck. Which won't be cheap.

This day was full of surprises. Some of them were good ones, though. My 2 year old actually let a DENTIST look at his teeth - and the hygienist clean them! I won't ruin it by mentioning that he ate the orange flavored paste and refused to spit it out. Hope there wasn't a lethal dose of fluoride in it.

Before anything else unexpected happens, I think I'll go get in bed.

Oh, and I lost all my email in Outlook... so if you have been waiting on a response from me, just email me again as a reminder... I won't mind! Nice to have an excuse for not replying to all my zillions of emails for a change: "The computer died and I lost my data." How long you think I can milk it?

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Laura said...

Did you get a virus on your comp? That happened to me recently, and the virus hid all of my files. They were still there, but it took a computer genius to find them. Hope that's all that's wrong with yours!

Michelle said...

Technology can be such a frustrating beast!

All that work you did-so sorry to hear that, Spritti.

As for milking it, well, I can't blame you for wanting to! You've got a lot on your plate.

If I don't stop by here again before Christmas, I hope you have a blessed one!

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