March 13, 2012

Today is Your Best Day - a Devotional Book for Mom

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I'm always looking for great devotional books for mamas to go along with my "Quiet Time". Every day (well- as many days as I can manage it) I like to start the day by praying, reading the Bible, reading in a devotional book, and writing down a verse and a favorite quote from what I'm studying. Then I write my own prayers out and sometimes journal or draw if there's time. I also use my prayer journals to add my daily lists and pray over them - and to paste or tape little snips of saved memories from places we go and things my kids write or draw.

There are days when my prayers are quick and I don't have time to write anything extra down from what I'm reading... but I know the seeds are being sown in my heart to help me get through my busy days raising four kids, homeschooling, and dealing with whatever life deals out. When I don't take time to pray, everyone can tell. I usually have to re-start the day and have a "do-over" with the kids. Often times they will be the first to say, "You know, mama, we didn't pray today. I bet that's why we are having such a hard time."

As a Masterbook Mom, I get a book or product each month to review - and this month's book was for mom: a devotional book called Your Best Day, by Roy Lessin.

Today is Your Best Day

Here's a sample day's devotional from the book:

Day 2... Today is Your Best Day Because of FAITH (Part 1)

For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith as it is written, The just shall live by faith. ~ Romans 1:17 KJV

There are two ways that we can walk through a day. One is to walk by sight and the other is to walk by faith. If we walk by sight we can easily become discouraged, disappointed, and downhearted. To walk by sight means to evaluate our day by what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, and know in our minds. To walk by sight means to allow the "reality" around us to impact our thoughts, our motivation, and our emotions.

A large percentage of the "walk by sight" information that influences us in our day is negative. Anyone who tunes in to the evening news or reads a newspaper finds very little that brings a smile. When we walk by sight we can allow anything or anyone to influence the kind of day we are having - the weather, the traffic, the long line at the checkout stand, a problem with our computer, a drop of ketchup on our shirt, or a leaky faucet under the kitchen sink.

To walk by faith means to walk in a different kind of reality. The Bible tells us that there are two realities (2 Corinthians 4:17-18). One reality is what is seen; the other reality is what is unseen. There are two realities because there are two worlds. One is the physical world; the other is the spiritual world. The physical world is the temporary world; the spiritual world is the eternal world.

Today, as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, you live in both worlds. Through your senses you connect with the physical world around you, and with your heart and spirit you connect with the spiritual world within you. Your spiritual reality is not based upon wishful thinking or some unknown mystic influence, but upon the truth of God's Word and the presence of the Holy Spirit who lives in you.

As you walk through this day in both worlds, God wants you to live by faith and not by sight.

Faith sees what your physical eyes can never see; Faith knows what your natural mind can never comprehend; Faith possesses what your physical arms can never hold. Faith says "yes" to everything God declares to be true; Faith stands upon everything God says is certain, it leans upon everything God says is unmovable, and it counts upon everything God says will come to pass.

Corrie Ten Boom

This little book is 192 pages (about 60 daily devotionals that include Bible verses and quotes).

The author of 'Today is Your Best Day', Roy Lessin, was one of the co-founders of of DaySpring and has been writing Christian devotional materials for more than 35 years. What a legacy!


Join us Mom-reviewers of Master Books for a Twitter Party for a chance to win a copy for yourself!

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Party Date: March 22
Time: 8pm CST/9pm EST
Prizes: hard copies and digital copies of Today is Your Best Day

I pray your mom devotional time is blessed and that you are encouraged in your homeschool and/or parenting journey!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from New Leaf Publishing. I am on the Moms of MasterBooks review team. The opinions expressed are my own and no other compensation was received.


Anonymous said...

I'm not entering, but the artist in me was immediately drawn to your artistic journal. I like to draw too in my Bible journals.

This one is very inspiring, Spritti!

Kristen said...

Very cool! I'll have to check it out. I'm looking for a good devotion to work through with my children for homeschool. Do you have any recommendations?



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