May 09, 2007

Second and Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum

My homeschool has up to this point been mainly 'eclectic' in style! I lean towards a Christian-based classical style in my mind (not based on the Well Trained Mind, but rather the Charlotte Mason camp)... however, it has yet to really spring forth in my methods at home. I do think we teeter on a little of everything (including worksheets - the least favorite part of their day for sure! - and "Living Books" which are unabridged and wonderful). As the kids get older, I see much more value in the classical approach (which leads me to a long book list of my own for this summer break!).

We homeschool on a shoestring and use the library and field trips with our unit studies as much as we can.
I have not listed a bunch of packaged curriculums (as we only use a few workbooks here and there from one or two). I also don't have any extra-curricular items this year (mainly because we had to scale back a lot due to our new state of residence where there aren't as many resources available - and due to our finances). No choir or piano this year. Our Spanish studies halted and we did not pick up another language during 05-06.

Below is a short list of things we used for the 2005-6 School Year. If you want to know details about any of these; chances are you can get a more in-depth description of them from the links at the bottom of this post in previous years curriculum posts. We've been homeschooling for five years now, and we are still using many of the SAME curriculums (thus I feel that reviewing them over and over each year would be just a repeat for some of the readers who have already "been there, read that" on my blog). I apologize for my newer blog buddies and those who just stopped in. Please do click my previous links to read more about our past years.

I'm sure you can imagine what we used each of these items for, and if you have any questions; please by all means, leave them in the comments section. I love comments.

MAIN CURRICULUM for 2nd & 3rd Grade
KONOS Unit Studies - History, Science, Life skills, Etc. (Christian perspective)
Library Books / Our Home Library (on and off topic per unit study)
Field Trips

Tell Me the Promises - Tada & DiCianni (devotional)
Homemaking by J.R. Miller (Children appropriate sections for devotionals)
Songs of Faith and Praise (Hymn Book)
Biblegateway (internet site - for copy work scriptures)
Church Bible Classes, Small Group and Worship Services

Cheap Sam's Curriculum Workbooks (for Reading, Grammar, Comprehension, etc.)
Journal (blank spiral notebook - just add creativity!)
Red Rock Ranch Level 6 1972 Reading Textbook (given to us by a friend)
Spelling and Copywork (correcting misspelled words and writing assigned by mom)
Correspondence (pen pals, birthday cards, thank-you notes - weekly)

MATHLeftover Learning Horizons Math Workbooks from previous year
A Beka Math (Grade 2 & 3)
Math videos (from the library)
Cheap Sam's Curriculum Workbooks (for extra help with areas of weakness)
Multiplication Table Charts (internet free print-outs)

EXTRA HISTORY/SCIENCE/GEOGRAPHY MATERIALS (not required by KONOS)Visualize World Geography by Theresa A. Blain
Enjoying God's World Science Reader Grade 2 (A Beka)

Up next in the series will be:
Post #3 - Second and Third Grade Field Trips
Post #4 - Second and Third Grade Learning Enrichment
Post #5 - Favorite KONOS Memories from Second and Third Grade
Post #6 - Memories from our KONOS Rock Unit!

Check back in here every day this week for more homeschool records for second and third grades. Don't forget to hop over to read this week's Carnival of Homeschooling, too. Tia has done a great job with a Southern Hospitality theme!

Have a super Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

Can you comment on The Well Trained Mind versus Charlotte Mason?

Anonymous said...

We've had great success and are very pleased with the My Father's World material. Not expensive, and it comes with great lists for checking out books at the library if you don't want to/can't afford to purchase.

Rhonda said...

Did I tell you about United Streaming? I know homeschoolers in Arkansas have free access to it. It has a video Spanish program that I've heard really good things about.

Unknown said...

I loved writing unit studies for my kids at those ages! I miss the years when all my boys really needed me al the time... I feel like a 'homeschol wmpty-nester almost. My older two have become quite independant....

I always figures WTM and CM were the same...

I never was much on reading up on methods. I think I homeschooled 4 years before I knew there WERE 'methods'...LOL

Sprittibee said...

Jennifer... I have read a lot about methods in the past (and have read "The Well-Trained Mind"), but it never really fit me and seemed very not-Christian-centered. I find it hard to fit myself into one camp because they all have strengths and weaknesses and there are three of us (me and two kids) who have very different learning styles and personalities mingled together (I consider myself a learner along with them). However, on researching for the right words to explain it to you today... I found an article that I mostly agree with that explains my point of view about "Greek Knowledge-Driven" Classical vs. Biblically-centered. Charlotte mason from what I understand is more "Living Book" geared. We are big on reading and enjoy this, however it is not enough for an entire curriculum if you ask me. I also like the Principle Approach. A great QUICK overview of the methods available are found at this website.

We are probably 60% Unit Study, 20% Living Books, 10% Principle (and also a little - 5% Traditional and 5% Classical thrown in for good measure). This is why I call myself Eclectic. ;)

Thanks Trevor. I'll check out your link. It is just amazing that there is so much out there today.

Rhonda - Yes, you did send me the email, but I have never been able to get any kind of luck in opening or using it.

Kaber - Me and you both! I just do what feels best for the moment. My guide is mainly that I want my children to be CHRIST-LIKE and ENJOY LEARNING (so Konos has been a real joy because it helps me meet those goals). Just like the rest of the moms out there, I'd also like the kids to be as "brilliant" as possible... but you can't substitute knowledge for WISDOM.

;) I think I feel another post coming on about methods... so I guess I need to go read up!...

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

After 4 years of being exclusively Konos, we're moving to "Tapestry of Grace" in the fall. You should check it out! It's totally God centered and seems, to me, the perfect blend of Unit Study centered on "living books" and WTM. I love the idea of Unit Studies with quality literature comprising the core textbooks, but I'm also drawn to the structure of the trivium. From all I've read and heard, TOG is a great fit.

Having said that, I will add this: whatever you're doing now is working wonderfully. :)

Thanks for the great information you share!

Anonymous said...

Sonlight Curriculum is a literature-rich, Christian-based homeschool company that provides complete homeschool curriculum programs and materials from preschool to 12th grade. Our comprehensive curriculum has a global focus,and provides children all across the world with the desire to learn.

visit :

Sandy Fisher said...

Love the blog. I'm new to homeschooling and I was looking for homeschool curriculum material and I must say I love your selections. I will definitely look into that!!

God Bless your Family!!
-Sandy F.



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