June 19, 2007

Back to Boxes


I thought I would share with you a quick photo from our last amazingly crazy move (in 2005)... of Morgan popping her head up from the sea of boxes in our then living room. The kids made box costumes, packed themselves in boxes, walked on the boxes, crawled through the boxes, and covered everything in the living room with boxes to make a "fort". At one point, they even went around with upside-down Chinese-food take-out boxes on their heads - while dancing and singing from INSIDE a moving box (with their legs sticking out at bottom and their heads sticking out at top). Kids have no idea what kind of stress adults go through during a move. It's all a grand adventure. They make the process so much more fun. I don't know if I could do it without their enthusiasm. The first thing Morgan said today is, "I CAN'T WAIT TO PACK!" and "This will be our hermit crabs' first long trip, Mommy!" [Yes, we realize that we are breeding little nomads.]

I just wanted to say it up front RIGHT HERE that I am very thankful for your kind comments AND PRAYERS for our family. This is one time that I can't really respond to each one individually. We couldn't get through this without your prayers. Kev and I feel a huge weight is off of our shoulders (as far as the waiting period goes... and the prayers that we've been praying to go back home to be with family). We also feel peace about the move. We feel confident that whatever is in store next will be a blessing from the Lord. We are sad and happy at the same time... which is a very strange emotional mix. I go from tears to laughter in seconds flat. [Hey - nothing much different than the average PMS right?] Mostly I just wander around with a look of shock on my face. [I actually passed up coffee and sweets last night - so you know I'm not myself!]

Right now, we are cleaning house and doing laundry (OK - the kids are... so I had better get up and quit blogging). I picked up about 25 boxes this morning to get us started. I think I'll pack the kids' room and the kitchen and bookshelves today. The good thing about this move is that it is only HALF of our belongings (since the other half is in storage in Texas since our last move). I'll be glad to get everything in one place again. Hopefully we can procure a mover (and/or) moving truck that is affordable and willing to come on such short notice. I'm sharing a few links from our last "moving season" below. Be sure to check those out in my absence. The Homeschool Carnival was right on the money when it said that Sprittibee sometimes does "hotel school". What a timely theme! I got a kick out of that last night when I read it. [And believe me, I needed a laugh.]

Just wanted to let you know what was going on with us so you would feel like you didn't have any problems. We tend to be the crisis clinic around here. I don't know how people without the Lord manage to get through trails in their lives. Kevin and I have been so humbled by how truly blessed we are... even through the uncertainty, the grief, the fear, and the anxiety... we can laugh about it and are so thankful that God is in control and that we have each other. We are blessed. We really are blessed.

Thanks again for your prayers.

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bigwhitehat said...

What a picture!

Sprittibee said...

:) Howdy, Tex. We are on our way back to the Lone Star State! I'd better get packin'...

groovyoldlady said...

Oh my word! Your "Landinvitations" spoof almost did me in!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture! Very precious. Children bring such joy to every occasion. ((Hugs))



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