October 18, 2007

My Homeschool Lunch 3


It's that time again... busy time! You know that when you see a photo of my lunch in here, that I have much more important things to do than blog. However, seeing what other homeschoolers are eating has always been an interest of mine... because not only do I have to wear the hat as Mom, Teacher, Secretary, Principal, Janitor, and Administrator for my little school... I also have to take on the title of COOK! Getting a good lunch crammed in to your already full day is sometimes hard. We eat too much canned soup if we are really cracking the books. Here's an example of a 'quickie' family favorite of ours... Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!

Speaking of food... I have put a few recipes on my food blog for you this week! It isn't the prettiest blog, but the recipes are great. One day, I'll have the time and money to get the site re-designed. Right now, it is my back-burner blog (a recipe collection of our family's favorites).

While you imagine the warm smell of my soup drifting in your kitchen, I'm going to be getting busy on my list. We have a lot of stuff to get done in the next three days! I told my husband this morning before he left for work that I felt like I was "over-scheduled". In layman's terms, that means OVERWHELMED. It would be nice to have a week when life wasn't going 100-miles-an-hour, wouldn't it?

  • Sister coming in town this weekend (clean house)
  • Culture Fair Saturday - finish projects, practice oral reports, look up recipes, cook & prepare our table's decorations, make Kaden's costume
  • Benefits enrollment at husband's work (tedious scouring of medical plans & enrollment today)
  • School today and Friday (and friends over to play today)
  • Payday (update checkbook and pay bills)
  • Grade papers and get caught up with paperwork
  • Get SWAP partners assigned and set mail date for the HSBA Swap
  • Start data input for Homeschool Series update

I'll see you in here tomorrow for Field Trip Foto Friday. Next Monday night, all the Carnival of Homeschooling email entries will start coming to me, too. Be sure you enter a post if you are a homeschool blogger! In a few more weeks, I'll be updating my Homeschool Series post and adding another year's worth of curriculum, books, Konos memories, links, and field trips. I might even have a fun photo from our culture fair to share next week!

Have a great Thursday! See you tomorrow!
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Anonymous said...

wow!!can you fit anymore in your day.take care.dont work yourself to hard.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a busybee! And I agree, let's make up some of the T-shirts for all of those who have no idea how busy we are schooling! And we too eat a lot of grilled cheese and tomato soup around here! Yumm-O!

Terri said...

I'm loving your blog especially since I'm a homeschooler too. I often wonder how other homeschoolers get everything done.

Thanks for making time in your busy schedule to blog. People like me definitely benefit from it.

Rhonda said...

Girlfriend, we can cry on each other's shoulders about our over-scheduled schedules. I am holding on by my fingernails, just hoping things will slow down in a month or two. You'll notice I did not sign up for the swap.

Your soup and sandwich look yummy. We may have that for lunch today. Of course, Robert doesn't like tomato soup and Ruth doesn't like grilled cheese. But, between the two choices, everyone will be happy. :)


The Excellent Adventure is.... said...

We had that yesterday! Minus the fancy garnish on the soup. And we've made the baked potatoes many times since you posted it. Food is always a good topic for me. thanks.

Sprittibee said...

Angela... nope... I can't fit any more in the day. I can't even get the list checked off in a day! Ha!

Chercroppin - I don't have time to make t-shirts, so I have just learned to ignore the snide comments from people and chalk it up to them just not having experience in the trenches.

terri - Thanks sweetie! I wonder sometimes if I should be blogging with as full a schedule as we try and keep... but I just have to get things written down. I have always been one to journal. It is easier for me to do it online where I can type it out (I type much faster than I write).

Rhonda - Yeah, one of these days we should get together. Hope your lunch goes over well! Just don't tell them it was my idea if they hate it! :)

Excellent Adventure: That fancy garnish was a pinch of parsley flakes! Nothing fancy there. I put it in a lot of stuff. Greek salad is one of those things. Also I put it in my home-made lasagna sauce, along with other spices. If you like food topics... check out the blogging I do at Gathering Manna. I posted our menu for this week over there... although, we have swapped some of the days and skipped others entirely. We did Mc Donald's last night before church, too.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Well, don't you have a busy life! LOL Just thought I'd stop over here and say hello!! My memo monday is coming up *gulp* .; )


carrie said...

I know this has nothing to do with your post, but I've just been getting so much information from your site!

I've been flailing a bit since having the baby, and really have been feeling guilty about only covering the bare bones in our homeschool. And then, not really knowing what to do next.

I've gotten some great ideas around here and just wanted to say thanks.

Sallie said...

That looks pretty yummy!!

God bless,

JacciM said...

I've really enjoyed browsing around your blog tonight. I had to laugh at the photo of your lunch - I've done that too! Sometimes I catch myself, in the middle of doing something, thinking "Oh, I need a *photo* of this for a post tonight!" Oh, dear. That's when you know it's bad, lol.



groovyoldlady said...

Quesadillas are a mainstay here. Usually with baby carrots or sliced apples. I've switched to wholegrain tortillas to make 'em a bit more nutritious.

Kelly said...

That is one of our favorite lunches here! Yummy!



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