November 18, 2007

Swapping Snot?

This past week my family has been plagued with a myriad of nasal congestion woes. Some of us have had the added misfortune of lung cookies, headaches, ear-aches and sinus pressure so hard it makes your eyes twitch. This Friday I took the kids to eat at McDonald's and I couldn't even taste the food. [Let me warn you NOT to eat at McDonald's if you can't smell. Greasy fries are really gross without a smell. Trust me on this.] I should have called a casting agency and asked if they needed actors for a sinus medication commercial... because we wouldn't have had to fake looking (or sounding) like we all needed to be at the ER getting chest x-rays.

Thursday night I got into my night gown and tucked the kids in bed. My ten year old son was downstairs with his grandma and my eight year old daughter slept on the floor on a "pallet" of blankets beside my bed. Morgan and I both were snotty and she feels better sleeping in our room near me when she's sick. I made sure she was tucked in and turned the light out. It was dark in the room. All you could see was the glow from the air filter's electronic lights.

We had just endured a day of sneezing and blowing noses. It got to the point that tissues were just not an option. Each of us had our own assigned "snot rag". Morgan and I both had a kitchen towel we had been abusing regularly. Believe me, we were eyeing each other's rags to make sure we knew who's was who's all day. I felt a sneeze coming on and reached over to grope the night stand and find my towel. Suddenly I wondered if the towel on the night stand was my towel or Morgan's. I mean... it is gross wiping snot on a towel, but someone else's snott getting on your face? That is grosser than gross.

"Morgan," I whispered loudly, leaning over the edge of the bed and straining my eyes to make her out in the blackness.

"Yes Mommy?" She whispered back. I held the rag down towards her and barely touched her arm.

"Is this your snot rag or mine?"

She was silent for a moment. "Where was it?"

"On the nightstand," I replied, still holding it down in case she wanted to touch it. Why I thought that was a good idea, I'm not so sure. I blame it on the medication. Who wants to touch a snot rag? Even if it is yours?!

"It's yours," she said into the darkness. She sounded sure. I was holding back a sneeze anyway, so this was good news to me. I decided to believe her and proceeded to blow my nose into it. I was certain it was loud enough to wake the people next door.

After I set the rag down and was closing my eyes Morgan said quietly from down on the floor, "It's definitely yours now".

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Rhonda said...

Too funny. :)

I'm sorry you've all been so sick. No fun!


Mamaof3 said...

Yeah...sharing a snot rag is NOT a fun idea! :) I sure hope you guys feel better soon...a house full of snotty people is definitely a drag...especially during the holidays!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

eww . . . gross and funny, all at the same time! :D

Anonymous said...

Suddenly I feel sick!! I hope you and yours feel better soon!!

The Excellent Adventure is.... said...

Thanks for sharing...just don't share too much! And remember..."don't kiss your honey when your nose is runny, you may think its funny...but its snot!"

Karl Bakla said...

I have great news Spiritbee I have decided to run for president. I hope I can count on your vote.

Sprittibee said...

Rhonda - ;) Thanks for listening to me go on and on about the cat yesterday!

Deanna - We're slowly getting over it, I guess... still coughing and using the occasional rag here and there. LOL

Bunny - Ewwww is right!

Linda - Thanks!! Sorry for the TMI.

TEA - I am afraid we have shared it with everyone in the family. Even that new kitten is sick (but that is the fault of the shelter - not us). I think we'll take him to the vet today before we leave town for Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. As a guy in a house full of girls, I love hearing gross stories like that. I have a bunch, but I'm not really allowed to share them.

Sprittibee said...

Chris - I probably shouldn't share them, either. :) Ha!



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