February 01, 2009

Instead of Blogging I was...


1. Trying to sell furniture on Craig's List
2. Cleaning house
3. Helping the kids clean their rooms
4. Eating at a friend's (I'm sure I gained at least 2 lbs from her yummy meal)
5. Letting Morgan take a profile picture of my big pregnant belly


6. Scrapbooking some cards (cute, no?)
7. Napping
8. Going to church
9. Shopping at IKEA and drinking 2 glasses of Lingonberry punch
10. Eating BBQ and Banana Pudding with my in-laws


11. Visiting with friends
12. Reading a magazine
13. Writing in my prayer journal and reading Psalms
14. Going to small group bible study with 10$ pasta salad I got at the grocery store because I wanted to sleep instead of cook what I promised to bring


15. Feeling the Viking squirm in my belly
16. Miserable in my maternity jeans
17. Dreaming of the quilts, paint colors, and furniture I want for the nursery
18. Thinking about all the places I have to go and things I have to do this week

What did you do this weekend? Did you get some things checked off your 2009 List? Did you enter my free snack contest? Did you stop over Friday and add your ABSee Photo-letter post to the linky? I did "D is for Dorks" over there and slapped up a collage of mobile phone pictures that we goofy bees took in the past. Maybe I'll get to a letter this week. Keep popping in to comment - you keep me coming back! I'm so distracted, it isn't even funny.

Hope you have a blessed and productive week.

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Mom of Many Hats said...

Beautiful scrapbook cards. I just love the colors.


Sisterlisa said...

Heather, The cards are so pretty!!! Just yesterday God spoke to my heart a devotion in regards to making cards. I think I'm going to use it on GGM soon. There are times I opt to buy something instead of make homemade too. You deserve that freedom, especially if you need to get some extra sleep. That baby bumble bee needs your energy. :O)

KarenW said...

Those cards are great!

lori said...

THOSE are ADORABLE...in your spare time make some for me??? :) I have ALL the supplies, just can't find the TIME!:)

I can't wait to see Sisterlisa's devo on making cards...THAT might be the excuse I need! :)

you wore me out!

Anonymous said...

Busy Bee!!!



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