February 03, 2009

Not So Wordless Wednesday: 8 Months


Last time I did a belly shot I was barely 6 months, I guess? It was early December.

Now I'm barely 8 months... give or take a few weeks. This photo was taken at 31 weeks, but the baby was measuring 33 or 34 at my sonogram/doctor appointment. So... either he's a Viking, like I suspected... or the due date is a bit off. I guess we'll see. Thankfully the doctor said she won't let me go until he's over 10 pounds. Morgan was 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Kaden was 7 pounds, 6 ounces. If this one has the same increase, he would be a polar bear cub at over 10 lbs. and I would be in a body sling for months. No thanks.

Now I'm 32 weeks and I suspect the baby is measuring 47. That's how big he FEELS, anyway.

Can you imagine that belly expanding for another 8 weeks? I faint at the thought.

See my pink topless undershirt? I have to wear it with almost everything these days so I can bend and raise my arms without my pants falling off or my belly showing. Pink is the new black, right? I keep telling myself that while my husband keeps asking "You're going to WEAR THAT together?"

A friend of mine had her baby last night (so excited that it was a boy!) and she was in labor over 30 hours before they did a C-section. Talk about lawsuit! It was her first and she refused pain meds. [CRAZY!! Don't tell her I said so. I'm all about the epidural, baby. Bring it on.] Pray for her healing and for her to get rest before she comes home! She's going to need it!

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carrie said...

oh my gosh, you are huge!! and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

I got so big with my last one that this guy at work said my profile reminded him of Hitchcock. So flattering.

You really do look fantastic, though!

Sprittibee said...

Yeah, I've been telling people for a while now and they are all like - "oh, you look great" and "oh, you are glowing" and I'm like - CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS HUGE WHALE BELLY?????


I look ok from the back (not pregnant at least), but when I turn around, I knock people OVER.


MommyLydia said...

I hear the belly increases faster with each pregnancy. Because its lost "tone" with the previous. Or something like that.

As for being in labor 30 hours -- that's what my sister did before she delivered her first by C-section. She was just exhausted by labor. But determined to keep trying to do it "naturally"

About the epidural? Me too.

Traci Best said...

Heather you are so CUTE that pregnant! Oh my goodness though,.. 8 more weeks?

You just look big now because you are so stinkin' itty bitty otherwise!!!!


Just relax sister, and try not to worry! It is all in God's hands!


PS and tell that man of yours that it is advised NOT to ask such questions (are you going to wear THAT together???) at this point...Not advised at ALL!

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous pregnant Heather! If I looked like that during pregnancy, I surely would have had more!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

You look terrific, sweetie! That's a lotta baby there. At least it's all baby, right?

I had to chuckle that on TUESDAY morning, it's a "Not So Wordless Wednesday." Preg brain all over the place.

At the end of my first pregnancy, I had the attention span of a 2 year old. It was bad. Made it very hard to work. I couldn't watch an entire movie or focus on ANYthing. I doubt I ever knew what day of the week it was. LOL!!

Maybe he'll decide to pop out sooner than later. :D

Praying for you!

SaraMinerva said...

Huge whale belly my hiney! You look fabulous! Your face still looks thin, so I may have to disown you forever. ;) You are all belly!

lori said...

one of THOSE huh??? Carry it ALL in your belly...you look FAB! For the record...#3 was a BARBARIAN....10.6...they SWORE he wasn't big....delivered him and it was easy....seriously....sooooooooo....here's to the VIKING!

You really look great....awesome pics!

lori said...

one of THOSE huh??? Carry it ALL in your belly...you look FAB! For the record...#3 was a BARBARIAN....10.6...they SWORE he wasn't big....delivered him and it was easy....seriously....sooooooooo....here's to the VIKING!

You really look great....awesome pics!

SaraMinerva said...

And I would put a decent amount of money (if I had any) on you going into labor before your DD and/or an induction. If he's measuring that far ahead, I think the DD might be off. But that's just my opinion. My completely professional opinion ;)

Anonymous said...

Yowzers, you are big!! What a beautiful, glorious, and precious thing! I'm so stinkin jealous that you're only big in your belly. I swell beginning at about 5 months, so I look like a what ALL over. You're beautiful pregnant....even if you can't get out of bed by yourself ;)

Kathy D.

Judy said...

You are ALL baby!!! Took look at your arms and face you would never know. You great. Another 8 weeks...NO WAY!!!

Rhonda said...

Sweetie, you are big, but you are BEAUTIFUL!! What a gorgeous pregnant lady you make. :)

With both of my pregnancies I had a late-term jump in measurement. Since I had gestational diabetes with both, the doctor was very concerned. It was back to normal at my next appointment, though.

I also had two c-sections. Tell your friend to get up and move around. The sooner she does, the better recovery goes. And don't be afraid to take the pain meds!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

carmilevy said...

You're creating an amazing set of memories for the little munchkin. I like your unconventionally whimsical approach to photography.

Anonymous said...

Awww, you look beautiful! It's almost over, hang in there :)


Marsha said...

Oh my... happy eight months and be sure to take these last few weeks easy.

Prayers for a healthy, happy baby!

Anonymous said...

Awww....you look cute! Many Blessings to you sweetie!!


PS~ you have my email i think, it's the 01amber addy. Take care!

Anonymous said...

You look great! I am serious. As soon as I saw the picture I said, "She is SO cute!" Love the picture!!

Toni said...

Wow! You were gorgeous at 8 months!!!!!! I just feel like a blimp! :D



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