May 23, 2010

Our Lazy Weekend and the Baby's New Hat


Our lazy weekend:

[1] Baby got a new hat. He looked really cute in it at church today. But he wouldn't leave it on long.


[2] We ate out at Sarah's in town and took a few photos on Lamar in Austin.

...I enjoy taking pictures of the strange things you'll find in the city limits. I'll put up a few photos tomorrow of what we saw on our little drive... along with a review of Sarah's on the food blog. If I can get around to it....


[3] I ate the first tomato of the growing season - a cherry tomato - from our yard.

[4] We watched movies on Netflix (free through our Wii).

[5] Chickie gave us a fake Wii remote (meant for candy - sort-of like a PEZ dispenser) that she got at Walgreens. The baby is finally leaving our real Wii remotes alone (until he figures it out).


[6] We destroyed the house. Please send over a maid.


Sheri said...

Houses should be destroyed...and often. It's a sign of a happy family!

Sure can't tell your kids are related! (Note the sarcasm) My word they all strongly resemble each other. Beautiful.

Gwen T said...

I love tomatoes fresh out of the garden - they taste like summer!

If the maid stops by, please send her my way next. :)



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