August 22, 2008

Making this Blog User Friendly

Down below you'll find a humongous list of posts (some are duplicated because they fit more than one topic) that I felt are worthy of a double-read... and most are helpful to the homeschool mom. This post will be one of those things that gets manually updated behind the scenes as I go forward with blogging - a way for me to keep this blog as user friendly as possible (and prevent some past posts from being lost forever). Not to mention this will finally give me an index - so I can find things when I get homeschooling questions (without endless Google searches).

I have been unhappy with my cluttered sidebars for ages now, and my blog deserves to be simplified. This is only the first painful and time-consuming stage of my re-design here at the bee hive... so please pardon the construction dust as I aim to completely re-think my blog presence.

My latest deletions have included ranking devices (technorati cosmos and the tlb ecosystem included) after Boomama prodded us to blog for ourselves and Jesus, not traffic. Who needs those stinkin' rank trackers anyway? People read blogs because of the content, the inspiration, the connections, and the usefulness of what they find there... not because a blogger is popular (I can think of plenty of popular bloggers I wouldn't frequent).

So here below is a start (I'm only up to February 2007... more to come as time permits) to my posts by topic list:

If some of these links aren't clickable yet, be patient - I'm working on this as often as I can!

Queen Bee's Posts

Important Links
Spritti-What? (About Me)

10 Most Popular Posts
Why I Homeschool
Revised Parent's Prayer
KONOS Planning For Dummies
Sprittibee's Homeschooling Series (All My Past Curriculum, Book Lists, Field Trip Lists, Enrichment Lists, And More)
Homeschool Planner Set-Up
Sunday School Lesson Plans
My Big Fat Homeschool Links List
Nature as a Teaching Tool

Homeschool Helps
Homeschooling In America Today (2005)
KONOS Planning For Dummies
Homeschooling - Starting Out
To Grade... or Not to Grade
Making Vocabulary Fun
Resolutions For A Homeschooling Mom
Order And The Organized Homeschooler
Lord, Teach Us To Parent
Sprittibee's Homeschooling Series
29 School Year Resolutions
Elementary Grammar Curriculum Q & A
FREE Language, Grammar & Writing Curriculum & Standardized Tests
Fledgling Homeschool Co-Op
Low Tech Lesson Plans
Back To School Interview With Sprittibee
1st Day Of School Sample Schedule
Teaching Kids Time And Responsibility
Scary Story About Standardized Test Scores
Homeschool Planner Set-Up
Rainbow Days And Pots Of Gold (another scheduling idea)
Timeline Helps
Updated Konos Unit Planner And Upcoming School Plans
Scheduling And Screen Time (Star Chart Idea)
Homeschool Ice Days
Fired Up Homeschool Projects
Building A Mini Office For Your Student
Arlington TX Homeschool Book Fair/Homeschool Six Flags Day
Book Report Pdf Files
Minutes From Our First Co-Op Planning Meeting
Back To School Checklist
Planning Link: Free Charts & Blank Calendar Printables
How Do You Use Your Time?

Homeschooling By Grade (All these links also on my Homeschool Series Post)
PK-K Learning Enrichment Ideas (& Up...)
PK-K Favorite KONOS Memories
PK-K First Homeschool Year Curriculum
PK-K Computer Games
PK-K Book List
PK-K Field Trips
Educational Computer Game List For Kids
Computer Game List For Kids (for fun - not educational)
K-1st Homeschool Year Field Trips
K-1st Homeschool Year Curriculum
K-1st Homeschool Year Book List
K-1st Favorite KONOS Memories
K-1st Learning Enrichment Ideas
1st-2nd Grade Learning Enrichment
1st-2nd Grade Field Trips
1st-2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum
1st-2nd Grade Book List
1st-2nd Grade Favorite KONOS Memories
2nd-3rd Grade Book List
2nd-3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum
2nd-3rd Grade Field Trips
3rd-4th Grade Learning Enrichment Ideas
2nd-3rd Grade Favorite KONOS Memories
3rd-4th Grade Book List
3rd-4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum
3rd-4th Grade Field Trips
3rd-4th Grade Learning Enrichment (post coming up soon)
3rd-4th Grade Favorite KONOS Memories (post coming up soon)
4th-5th Grade coming soon!

Field Trip Foto Friday & Other Field Trip Links
Historic Naval Ship Field Trip Link
Texas Scarecrow Festival - Chapel Hill, TX
Brazos Bend State Park
Houston Zoo (and another few photos of our trip to the zoo)
Virtual Field Trips
Glenrose, TX - Dinosaur Tracks
Armand Bayou Nature Center
Magic Time Machine
Explore UT
Largest Steam Train
Houston Ship Channel
A.D. Players Theater
Bolivar Lighthouse
Blue Bell Creamery
Texas State Railroad
Houston Studio Glass - Glass Blowing
Galveston Beach
Dog Breeder
Honey Bee Farm
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Wild-Connections Butterfly Farm
Austin Bats
Pumpkin Patch
The Park
Sweet Berry Farm & Texas Corn Maze
Crowe's Nest Farm
Snow Day!
Arkansas Spring Nature Hike ... and the Rest of the Nature Hike Photos

Homeschool Unit Studies
KONOS Planning For Dummies
A More In-Depth Look at My Unit Study Planning
Columbus Day Unit Study Links
KONOS Military Fun
KONOS Rock Unit Fun
Sprittibee's Homeschooling Series
KONOS Kings And Queens Unit Fun
'Walk-Through-The-Year' In Two Weeks (Seasons Unit Lesson Plans)
Season Unit Links
2006-7 KONOS Schedule
KONOS Indian Unit Fun
Sailing The Atlantic With Columbus
Lamby Links
Bee, Sheep, And Stuff To Eat
Fleece Navidad
Presidents Day Links
Solar System Unit Fun
Friction, Action And Reaction Unit Fun
Season Unit Lesson Plans
Attentiveness: Ears, Sound, Music & Five Senses Links!
KONOS Eyes And Seeing Vocabulary
Lesson Plans For Eyes/Seeing, Other Senses
Government-President-Election Unit Fun
Remembering The Indian Unit
Frontiersmen And Indians Lesson Plans
American Immigration - Lessons For All

Art, Crafts And Fun Projects
Elementary Art Lesson Plans
Sprittibee's Rock Painting Project
Seasons Unit Photos At Flickr
Season Unit Links
Finally Finished The Llamas (Sortof)!
From Bones To The Barnyard - Crafted Llamas
My Love Of Art: Favorite Paintings
Past Projects: Dinosaur Shadow Box
Strange Comments About The Dino-Boxes
Remembering 9/11 In Art
Potato Volcanoes Project
Vincent Van Gogh's Fall Into Madness
Autumn Tree Craft
Russian Matryoshka Doll Ornaments
Yummy Cookies And "Can Do!"
Painting My Kitchen
Easter Eggs And An All-Seasons Tree
Green-Haired Easter-People
Making A Lighthouse
Thrifty Notebook Art Assignment
Uncle Joe's Car Art
Instant Pop Art
See my KONOS unit study posts above for more crafts/photos of

Homeschool Inspiration
Ode To Homeschool Mothers...
Homeschooling - Starting Out
Resolutions For A Homeschooling Mom
Lord, Teach Us To Parent
When Life Gets In The Way
U.S. Public Schoolers Oblivious To The World
4 Alarm Fire Burn-Out
Reduce Stress This School Year
Back To School Interview With Sprittibee
A-Z Of Why To Homeschool
29 School Year Resolutions
Scary Story About Standardized Test Scores
Even Kids Need Purpose
Learning Outside The Box
Comparing Arkansas Test Scores
Geography And Spices
Holiday Encouragement For Homeschool Moms
Rainbow Days And Pots Of Gold
Encouragement For Homeschooling
Alternative To The Ever Leftward PTA
Publik Skool Socialization
Being A Good Steward Of Time
Christian Exodus From Public Schools?
Five Habits Of Highly Effective Homeschoolers
Homeschool Evangelism
Homeschool: Did You Make The Right Choice?
Field Trip... To The Abortion Clinic?
"You Are Not Your Own" By Oswald Chambers (My Utmost For His Highest)
Must-Read Essay About Socialization
Top 10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Homeschooling
Sprittibee's 2007 New Years Resolutions
Arkansas Homeschool Testing Update
Encouragement for the WANNA-BE Super-Mom, Super-Homeschooler and Super-Blogger

Faith And Character
Revised Parent's Prayer
Parents Prayer Verses
Wisdom From The Back Of My Yearbook
Bless Your Feet: Part 1
Bless Your Feet: Part 2
Bless Your Feet: Part 3
Bless Your Feet: Part 4
Popcorn Cats On The Rabbit Trail
From Trash To Treasure: My Testimony
Recipe For Disaster
Unanswered Prayers
Where Jesus Lived
Counting My Blessings
Christ Centered Marriage
The Hard Topic Of Abortion
Lord, Teach Us To Parent
I'm Just Not Cool Any More
Under Attack
God's Smoke Alarms
Cultivating Love At Home: The Flowers Of Affection
Even Kids Need Purpose
Autumn Reflections
The Hour They First Believed
God's Whisper
The Birds And The Bees: Talking With Your Kids About Sex
Compassion Sunday
Small Victory For The Secret Magazine Police
Sprittibee Answers Some Comments (Regarding Faith)

Home Management
Endless Loads Of Laundry

Poetry and Quotes
Top - Sprittibee
Coming Dawn - Sprittibee
If I Had My Child To Raise Over Again - Dianne Loomans
Something Told The Wild Geese - Rachel Field
Fog - Carl Sandburg
The Tree Outside My Window - Sprittibee
Wednesday Thoughts (quote/scripture)
Favorite Homeschool Quote

Science And Nature
Icons Of Evolution (Book Review)
Nature as a Teaching Tool (all my nature links)
KONOS Rock Unit Fun
Tracking Hurricane Rita
Season Unit Links
Past Projects: Dinosaur Shadow Box
Why I Believe In 6-Day Creation - Part 2
Potato Volcanoes Project
Creation Speaks For Its Creator
*Ode To The Snowflake Creator*
The Birds And The Bees: Talking With Your Kids About Sex
Fly In Your Face Physics
Gone Fishin', Be Back Later...
Another Reason I Homeschool
Ice With Issues
Evolution And Emissions Debate
I'd Rather Be Dissecting A Cow's Eye
KONOS Eyes And Seeing Vocabulary
Just How Did We Get Here?
New Site Sets out to Debunk Darwin

Our Bug Collection
Great Leopard Moth
Green Lynx Spider
Picturesque Praying Mantis
Butterfly Farm Field Trip
Eyed Elater Click Beetle (among other photos)
Wicked Waspy Thing (Texas Tarantula Hawk) - 2 posts total
Chigger In My Refrigerator (No Photo - Only Humor)
Spider Speak
Green-Back Barbed Dung Bug
Nana's Back Yard
Dragon Fly On Kaden's Nose

Landinvitations Of The Seller
Real Life Countdown To Moving Day
Environmental Homeschooling, Gas And God's Feet
The Chigger In My Refrigerator
Finally Finished The Llamas (Sortof)!
You Know You're A KONOS Mom When...
Gingerbread Disasters And Other Sad Stories
Modern Day Parody Of Serfdom
Is It Because She's Blonde?
On the Tenth Day of Christmas...
Do I Have To Be Large???
Rita Freeway Trauma
Lord Of The Rings And Fertilization Lessons For A Ten Year Old
She's Crazee Like Mee
Admissions Of An 8 Year Old
Standardized Testing Humor
Bad, Mad, Sad, Had. What A Day Mom Had.
A Badger, A Mushroom, And A Burger?
Music Store Cats
Attack Of The Scary Carpet Cleaning Monster

Just Because I'm Me
Unshelving Self
Pathetic Blog Topic: My Favorite Shirt
Mrs. Pacman Junkie
Little Dinosaur
Hardly A Davidson
Where Is The Compassion? (About President Bush)
Happy Homeless Carschoolers
Icons Of Us
May The Force Be With You
Hotel California
Famous Featured Sandwich Eater
Chipotle Shots C1, C2, C3, C4 (I love Chipotle!)
Mexican Wedding Cookie Heaven
The True Story Of A Reluctant Cowgirl
Pharming And Funk Before Friday
Italian Musical Geek-Ishness
Hey - It's ME Without a Nose!

Cat Stuff
Murals And Minga
My Homeschool Cat
Minga Cam, Catblogging, and lots of other Minga posts... k1, k2, k3, k4, k5, k6
Ode To Pug
December List And A Minga Burrito

Texas Stuff
Postcards from Texas: East Texas, Hwy 59
Bluebonnet Blues
Six Flags And Texas Snobbery
Long, Long Ago And Far Away...
Postcards from Texas: Houston
Postcards from Texas: Hill Country
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Thems-is Fightin' Words!

Blogging Fun
Blog Design - Good And Bad
How To Post A Photo In A Blog
Blogstorm Snapshot
FastStone Image Viewer
My Blog Is A Masterpiece
Blog And Browser Techie Stuff
Browsing The Good Way
Letting Go Of Computer Clutter
Taming The Computer Beast (photo of the blog desk in Arkansas, 2006)
Feedburner Junkie
Create Your Own Free Blank Calendar With Outlook

Fun Links, Memes, Carnivals & Quizzes
My Homeschool Lunch (soon to be revived)
Wild West Carnival Of Homeschooling
Autumn Blessings Carnival Of Homeschooling
Carnival Of Homeschooling Bee Edition
23rd Post
Who Would You Be In 1400ad?
Christmas Meme
Seven Things Lists
Gifts For Your Political Pundit Pals
A Few Of My Favorite Things
Agreeable Grammar Article
More Random Links...
The Learning Meme (and a 2007 blog desk shot)
Homeschool Link Explosion
Random Linkage
Carnival of Homeschooling: Yearbook Edition
Homeschool Resource: Rose Publishing
Links To Check Out
Some Christian Links
Sunday School Lesson Plans
Sesame Street Personality Quiz
Best-Of Bloggie Bookmark Backpack
Homeschool Meme
Five Habits Of Highly Effective Homeschoolers
Wednesday Linkage
Back To School Checklist
Getting Things Done - List Linky
Carnival of Homeschooling: Homeschool Memories Edition
Bloggy Tour Of Testimonies
What Career Are You Throwing Away To Homeschool?
Around Cyber-Land
12 Days Of Christmas/Photo Meme (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)
What Sense And Sensibility Character Were You?
8 Random Things
Best of the Week and More Excuses...
Right-Brained Sprittibee... checking in!
See My Unit Study Posts Above For More Specialized Links...

The Jenny Garcia Story
Immigrant Issue
Double Standards Of Liberal Judges
Sovereignty & Rights: United States Of The U.N.?
Petition for the Parental Rights Amendment
Mandatory Minimums Soapbox
Why I Don't Vaccinate and the Texas HPV Controversy

What The 4th Of July Means To Me
Tips For The Day And Holiday Bustle (Columbus Day/Thanksgiving/Etc.)
Holiday Encouragement For Homeschool Moms
Christmas Meme
Bad Nativities
Gifts and Glitter: A Sprittibee Christmas Post
The Gift Of Your Presence
Becoming All Things to All Men This Christmas
Valentines Day Graphics
Happy Valentines
Passover And Easter Fun
Easter Eggs, Passover and Pysanka Sleeves
Happy Father's Day
Remembering Others on Independence Day
What Thanksgiving Means To Me
Gobble Gobble
Autumn Leaves
Merry Texas Christmas
Happy Birthday Honey
Freedom's Heartbeat (4th of July)
Autumn Tree Craft
Plan Now: Make the Most of the Holidays
Looking For Holiday Crafts?.. Look Above In Arts & Craft Section!

Other Favorite Photos
Spring Break In Arkansas
Boo Hoo... Break Is Over
Gone Fishin', Be Back Later...
The True Story Of A Reluctant Cowgirl (yeah, I took that shot!)
My Western Birthday Invitations
Two Texas Troublemakers
Arkansas Spring Nature Hike Photos ... and the Rest of the Nature Hike Photos

Other Homeschool Memories
Thank You From New Orleans HPD
A Letter To Anne Rice - By Morgan, Age 7
Mug Shots And Memories From Our First Day Of School
Back To School Party

Photo Memes
Thursday Challenge: Small
Thursday Challenge: Golden
Thursday Challenge: Pattern
Thursday Challenge: Creative
Thursday Challenge: Pink
Thursday Challenge: Purple
Thursday Challenge: Nature
Thursday Challenge: Family
Thursday Challenge: Sports
Thursday Challenge: Plants
Thursday Challenge: Sky
Thursday Challenge: Door
Thursday Challenge: Fall
Thursday Challenge: Orange
Thursday Challenge: Cars
Thursday Challenge: Vacation
Thursday Challenge: (Mountain) Pink
Thursday Challenge & Wordless Wednesday: Spring Leaves

Book Reviews
Icons Of Evolution
Angels & Demons By Dan Brown

Other Reviews
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Design-Her Gals

A Piece Of Me
... a graphic to share for my blog...

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Celestial Earth Woman said...

"User-Friendly", that's the term I am looking for. :D
Can't wait to get my new template so I can get my sidebars in a better order.
Love this:" I aim to completely re-think my blog presence."

Then there are all of those posts I have over at HSB... not enough time in a day, you know? Anyway, it can at least wait until I get my Homeschool Memoirs and my Saturday Psalm & Praise done. Then there's school planning and starting and GGM to publish next week!! :D

Love your lists. I hope you have an easy time of getting it all in order.

Love ya!

Elena LaVictoire said...

Aw shucks... you removed the link to that one online art program that you liked. I investigated that last week but forgot to bookmark the link and I wanted to get it today and it's gone! What was the name of that? It looked great?!

lori said...

Holy smokes...this is what a list!!
You can re-THINK your presence...but you just can't GO away!!

love ya!!
I posted about my swap too!!
Neat gal I had this time!:)
You'd LOVE her!!


Sisterlisa said...

What a list! You have a lot of work ahead of you. Tell me why you desire to have such a long archive list showing on the front page? Couldn't you just link the word 'archives' ? It would be less on the side bar.

Maybe list individual items on another page while just linking in the titles of each list on the front page.. Just a thought.

I redesigned HomeSpun Life last night.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand about being user-friendly. I was happy to switch from HSB to wordpress because I can add pages on wordpress. Now my sidebars are quite so cluttered, but still I'm looking around to see if I have any "unnecessaries" on there.

As for the blog-tracking sutff - yes, I agree that your blog should be to better the Kingdom of God and to encourage others in that.... however I found you off of Homeschool Gold (betcha didn't know, huh!?) and then from there the HSBA... If you hadn't been on there we might not be friends today, let alone have met IRL!

I think as long as your traffic isn't something you're obsessed with it and it's not the focus of your blog than I don't think it's harmful. A lot of new bloggers and homeschoolers look on HS ranking sites and click on the top people. Why? Well because a lot of other people seem to enjoy them and they're popular for a reason.

Anyways, sorry for the rant. I'm glad you're cleaning out your hive. :)

Love ya!

Sprittibee said...

Jacque - Yes, rethinking has been going on for a long time. Getting my butt in gear hasn't. I'm finally merging the two - to create an action! I don't even want to think about tackling this for HSBA, but it probably wouldn't be a bad idea.

Elena - The art program I use online is phasing out. It is called GeeArt. They are also the creators of CREATIVITY EXPRESS, and it is a program you can PURCHASE so that you don't have to go online to do the program. You can have it at home and use it with all your kids. It is much cheaper that way. I'm about to do a review of it soon!

Lori - That's only half of the list! LOL I'm not going anywhere but crazy (oh, wait - I'm already there). Love ya, too! Thanks for posting about the swap! Email me your linky!

Sislisa - This isn't gong to be a front page list. It will be a linked graphic on my sidebar that says "look her for my past posts by topic". LOL I'm effectively removing links from my sidebars. All-together! In fact, if and when my blog is re-designed, I might also consider putting all these links in a PAGE and making them easier to use (table format), but that is up to my cool designer lady (someone you know really well).

Miss Jocelyn - Yes, I enjoyed the ranking sites while I had them on there (for the first 3 years of my blogging). Now, I am just going to let go of them. I figure that eventually, people will stumble into my Google snare. LOL Google gives quite a big weight to their Blogger blogs on their search engine. I am figuring that is what happened to me in the first place. LOL No other explanation for it! No - I didn't know you came in from HS Gold. Interesting. Their site went down once and I just deleted them from that point on.

Kelly @ Growing.Learning.Playing. said...

My blog is cluttered as well. I am thinking going from 2 sidebars to just one. Haven't decided yet. I am not one of those "popular" bloggers, though, so most don't really care. Big grin! :-)

I sure have been praying for you and gummi bear!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Nice job, girl! You've been working your little fingers off. Your site loads quickly too. Groovy!



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